Tweak It: Forza 3

Last week we looked at Gran Turismo 5. I have to admit that I was a little concerned that flame wars might break out in the comments as they often do whenever anyone dares to suggest GT5 might not be perfect. It is very much to our community’s credit that they did not and it was GT5’s general lack of community features and support that kept cropping up in your tweaks:

  • For a game that is as much about owning the cars as it is racing them, something that is so obviously missing when pointed out is “the ability to set up clans or car clubs”. How great would it be to have the equivalent of real life owner’s clubs such as in the game. Polyphony Digital could even give the real owner’s clubs a virtual presence in GT5. Opportunities for cross-promotion would surely make it worthwhile. ~ Baxteros
  • The game-changing Autolog the we first saw in Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit has lead to many recent driving games implementing a similar system for comparing lap times, etc., with your friends.  You would like to see something similar added to GT5. ~ DR-DAVROS, stanley1664
  • You all clearly share my disdain for the standard cars. Where are the promised standard-to-premium upgrades we were told we could expect? ~ Greek-BBQ, Fresh191, Danlord, Lymmusic, cc_star, AJ
  • Finishing this list before I get too carried away listing all your great tweaks another glaring omission: having included the Top Gear Test Track why the Hell did they leave out a standing start and the reasonably priced cars! (That the track is in the forthcoming Forza 4, which also includes the Kia Cee’d to race around it, probably sadly means that GT5’s missed opportunity cannot now be taken.) ~ DR-DAVROS, Danlord, rossthebassist, cc_star

This week I would like you to turn your tweak-generating minds upon GT5’s main competitior for your driving attentions, albeit on the other console, Turn 10’s Forza Motorsport 3. Forza Motorsport 4 is due out in mid-October and will allow you to import some of your cars and credits from Forza 3, so there is still plenty of reason to be playing Forza 3 other than its Tag mode.

I normally give you a couple of tweaks to start things off but the main issue I had playing Forza 3 was simply a feeling that I do not know how to address. It is that I just did not find the Season Play single-player to be compelling enough. I just kind of let it fall by the wayside as it felt too much of a grind, more so than GT5’s single-player in my opinion, and I simply cannot put my finger on why that is the case.

Many of you have also played both Forza 3 and GT5 so it will be interesting to hear how you think they compare and whether you would like as many of GT5’s features to migrate to the Forza series as you wanted the reverse last week.

You must be able to do better than me in coming up with how you would tweak Forza 3, so have at it…



  1. I always, well in fact still do, find myself lost when it comes to tunning and setups and as a result find myself struggling when racing others online in the same class. Some help to make things clearer or simpler when it comes to tunning would be great.

  2. Physics need to be more simulation oriented rather than Arcade type.

  3. i haven’t played it much so i don’t have much to suggest.
    there is one thing though.
    make the auction house available to silvers.

    i don’t know if forza 3 restricted it to golds as i haven’t played it yet, but 2 did.

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