Metal Gear Solid Ultimate Collection Announced

Credit cards at the ready as Zavvi have grabbed the worldwide exclusive to the ‘Metal Gear Solid: Ultimate HD Collection’ and it looks rather tasty.

The pack includes Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty HD, Metal Gear Solid 3 HD, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (Including Metal Gear Online) and a PSN code to download Metal Gear Solid 1.

The games will be encased in an individually numbered steelbook case with five art cards and will cost you €85.95 / £69.85.

Source: Zavvi


  1. WANT!!

    • I think the correct term is “NEED”. And subsequent shouts should be “GOT” and “OOH, SHINY”.

      • It’s not shiny. :/

      • Unfortunately you are correct :(

      • Own all originals but ill be getting this….

      • I’d stick with want, hardly a necessity to live.

  2. Yes bloody please! Also, I take it the PSN version of MGS1 will be the one that’s not a HD remake nor will it have trophies?

    Also, on the note, does that mean all the games in the collection will have trophies, including MGS4?

  3. So wheres all the extra money? I mean for £69.83, They could at least bother with more than 5 art cards. I already own MGS, unless I force a naysayer of the MGS epic? heh

  4. seems a little expensive to me, anyways I still own mgs4 as it was the first ps3 game I got, I bought mgs1 from the store when psplus had it half price and I have
    gs hd collection on pre

    • order, on a side note it was confirmed over the weekend the version of mgs 2 and 3 are the special editions which means mgs3 comes with metal gear and metal gear 2: solid snake,

      • You have a link for that confirmation? Because from what I’ve read MG1 and MG2 is Japan only.

      • hideo kojima’s twitter,
        has all the twitter post regarding that info

      • Yep. I read those tweets when he sent them. It’s a little confusing. He talks about the domestic version and the overseas version and he also confirms that there are differences.

        It does look like the MGS3 version is Subsistence, though, so, here’s hoping!

        I wouldn’t take the

      • the only thing thats supposed to be exclusive to japan is the inclusion of a redeem code for mgs1 from the psn

      • They don’t have PW in Japan :O

  5. interesting…website link is not working though :(

  6. Bit expensive for rehashed games imo. I know its the ultimate hd sooper dooper edition but still!

    • Yeah, I checked and you can get them individually (including the standard HD-collection) for less. You’d be paying extra for the steelbook and artcards. Hopefully it will see a nice pricedrop shortly after release, but I’m not counting on it.

  7. I know Kojima has stated that Trophies weren’t coming to MGS4 but I thought Sony’s policy was all Blu Ray disk releases have to have trophy support? There is no way they can fit MGS4 onto one of the other disks so we might be in luck. Either way I’ve ordered one but I could always cancel closer to the release.

    BTW if you order it though PayPal and use this code, you’ll get £5 off – PP5OFFZAVVI

    • The rerelease of Oblivion has no trophies. The policy is that any games released for the first time after a certain date in 2009 (I think) had to have trophies. If a game is merely rereleased, doesn’t have to have them.

      • That’s all bs, MotorStorm 3D rift was born trophy-less, and WKC 1 didn’t have trophies in the WKC2 edition. Sony are really not up to it

      • 3D Rift wasn’t a game on BLU RAY, only “proper” games that come on a BL disc after 2008/9 HAVE to have trophies, PSN games do not.

  8. A bit expensive and I already got the 1st Metal Gear from the store, also stil got Metal Gear Solid 4. I really do want 2 and 3 but it’s all in one package with 2 same games!
    Well more importantly I want them to sort out MGS4 multiplayer there is a lot of issues in there including Major Lags!

  9. I was going to buy the collection since I’ve never played Metal Gear but find it very interesting (reason: no PS2). Getting this would therefore be very neat. Imagine if Guns of the Patriots came with trophies…

  10. That’s not bad the price. If each remaked sold for £20 and MGS 4 is £20 then it’s cheaper to get the ultimate collection. I personally don’t care if MGS4 ever get’s trophies, as i play for the story. :) I wish it didn’t come out in November.:-/ Although i have yet to see a screenshot of MGS2&3 in HD.

    • I play for the story as well still want trophies for it.

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