New Skyrim Screens Show The Different Character Types

Do you feel that cat-faced human things are under-represented in the games of today? Do you think that ugly lizard things have been given a raw deal?

Well you’ll be pleased to see the new screens of Skyrim, showing off the many races on offer.


Read our impressions of Skyrim from E3 here.

Source: AusGamers



  1. Man, they are looking pretty good. Still don’t know whether to get this release day or not.

    • release day all the way!!
      and i think i will pick it up at the store(not PSN store) cause they have a competition that says that u can win a, 210 cm tall and 50 kg heavy, statue if u pick the game up in thier store! =D

      “win the dragonborn statue”
      if u pre-order ur copy of Elder Scrolls V and picks it up at Webhallen u are automatically part of our competition were u can win a 210 cm high and 50 kg heavy dragonborn statue!”

      would love to win it =) but i highly doubt that i even have the smallest chance to win but there is always hope! =)

  2. they all look great, really looking forward to this game. But I think I will get this at a later date as I’ll be getting Dark Souls and that will take me a while to complete (eventually plat too)

  3. GOD…that orc looks so detailed hope the hairstyles and voices are much better than a deep American voice, I expect Orcs to growl a bit.

    • Ha one of the reasons i loved oblivion was getting to hear that one guys voice everywhere, in the weirdest situations. I loved him as the guard, very very funny. that said; i hope he’s in Skyrim, but i hope they add many voices

  4. Already seen most of these, but they do look awesome! Will definetly be getting this on release day!

  5. I hope each race will have it’s own accent instead of a few races having the same voice actor. I hope the kajit(Catperson) sounds a bit catish, the Orcs growl abit, the wood elves having a voice that sounds like they have beening living in the forrests. Etc.. I wonder what the racial bonuses will be in Skyrim? I also hope there will be some Racial penalties.E.g. Orcs have a -10 to speed but +15 to all combat skills and +30 to strength.

    • It’s been confirmed there will be alot more voice actors as oppose to oblivion.(which isn’t hard to, he was everywhere.)

      Screens are amazing, can’t wait to get to the create menu.
      Are there dwarfs in skyrim? Playing as a dwarf in d.age atm.
      With the inclusion of beards in skyrim, i’m hoping i can create a Ghandalf like character, pointed hat or not.

      • isn’t hard to *do…

      • dont think there are dwarves in skyrim since no other TES game has had it…

      • I’ve wanted to make a gandalf for a long time too

      • The dwarves all died out in The Elder Scrolls lore and universe. But their weapons and armour can still be found. I really hope there is a narrow bridge underground and a large dragon. And a spell that allows you to do the Gandalf. If not, then i shall try to do the Gandalf off a mountain. :D I wonder if that would be an easter egg or trophy?

  6. Really amazing how they managed to upload the faces of the TSA staff ;)

    • LMAO :)

    • I heard that the TSA staff had to beat up the development team that is working on skyrim for using their faces without permission. ;0)

    • Wonder if you get to craft your own biscuits in game?

  7. Guessing that they are PC screens. Looking forward to this but I bet it doesn’t look as great as that on PS3.

    • I’m not sure tbh. The recent quakecon gameplay was on a 360, and that looked just as good as these screens.

      • All the gameplay shown so far to my knowledge, has been on the 360. Highly doubtful those are pc screens.

    • god i hope those aren’t pc screens (i’ll be playing on pc). my opinion on Skyrim’s graphics is actually declining.

  8. The orcs and the Kajhit look awesome, but i am gunna have to go for the Dark elf, as i always have

  9. Really liking how the Khajiit look now – I’m tempted to actually play as one this time around.

    Looking forward to seeing how the Altmer/High Elves look too.

  10. Looking awesome. Can’t wait for this.

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