PSP Riot Thief Arrested

Metropolitan Police have arrested and placed charges on Romford thug Reece Donovan for the theft of a PlayStation Portable system last week.

For those who may have missed the story, the console was stolen from Malaysian student Ashraf Haziq; after being attacked during riots in east London, with his jaw broken, Haziq was captured on film being “aided” by a group of young men.


However as the men lifted the dazed and bewildered student to his feet, they began to strip him of any valuables, Donovan seizing a PSP before casually strolling away with the device in-hand.

Donovan is currently in police custody and is due to appear in court this Saturday to make a plea. Since being uploaded on YouTube, the video has attracted millions of disgusted viewers and has been used to highlight rioters’ absence of morality.

Since the attack and subsequent incident, Haziq has been treated and was discharged from hospital last week, SCEE having offered to relieve him a new console and games bundle.

Source: ABC



  1. That’s good news. That video has been showed so many times but the incident perfectly sums up the disgraceful riots. I would have been better if they gave him a preorder for the vita :p

  2. Good news , i hope the Courts make an example of him and make him actually do some time (where ironically he will probably have lots of time to play Playstation , but that’s another story!).

  3. i hope they throw the book at the scumbag.
    and the book should be covered in sharp metal spikes. >:)

  4. Yes!! Best news I’ve heard for a long time!

  5. Fucking great news! I work hard, I pay a lot of tax, so I have a very dim view on theft – a PSP essentially costs you 20% (or higher) more than you pay for it due to PAYE/NI, and for some twat to come and just take it as he pleases, and whilst the guy is injured, is disgusting. Whilst he will be charged and Sony supplied him with a new PSP, there is always damage that can’t be undone – his trauma, and his save games are not replaceable.

  6. I wanna see the thug’s face -_-

  7. I heard Haziq has publicly forgiven his attackers and muggers, said he wants to stay in England and doesn’t think any worse of us Brits for the incident. What a thoroughly superb guy, hats off to him, and how shameful does that make our country look.

    • Are you thinking he would say anything else?
      ‘Haziq, the student who was mugged for a PSP recently after being ‘helped up’ as seen all over the internet, has condemned not only his attackers and muggers, but England as a nation; ‘England is a horrible place, I see that now. I will be moving away as soon as I possibly can.’

      Oh, well, screw that guy then.’

      I’m sure he’s completely awesome and such, I just thought the comment was strange. It doesn’t make the country look shameful at all, as the vast majority of the country is regarding the rioters with the same look of disgust as everyone else.

  8. He should hold out for a free Vita!

  9. Make him the towel-boy in a prison shower.

  10. Brilliant news, good to hear that he has been caught. That is all.

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