What’s Happening With Eight Days?

Remember Eight Days? Sony London’s third person shooter was cancelled way back in 2008, at the same time as the new Getaway game from the same studio got canned. Well, it seems like something is stirring because a new video has emerged (below).

The game is still cancelled. There’s been no official word of it coming back and a bit of new, early code, video footage certainly isn’t enough to think that it might be resurrected. There were some screens that leaked out in 2009 which made us all think that the PS3 exclusive might be back on though…

Maybe, just maybe, this is something for Sony’s Gamescom press conference tomorrow? Of course, it might just as easily be an old Sony London employee that found some old footage on his hard disk.

Source: YouTube, via GAF



  1. Looks interesting. Like the fact its third person.

    • Same, the only BIG 3rd Person Shooter I can think of at the moment (on PS3), is UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves, and James Bond: Bloodstone.
      And when this was announced, I was actually hyping about it (only because it was 3rd Person) lol ;))

  2. I must say, the video doesn’t look like anything special.

    • it would be very early stuff. The original footage they showed at 2006’s E3 was widely thought to be faked because it looked too good to be early footage.
      I like the destructible scenery and the holes in things would hint at decent edge detection which I always like in games for cover and what have you.
      I agree though, it’s low quality and inconclusive. Just thought it would make for some interesting discussion of an oft-forgotten cancellation now that things are surfacing again…

      • Yeah, it would be interesting to see it resurface, especially if it was as good as that developer chappie in associated links claims it was. Hopefully with quite a bit of polish though, as it looks understandably dated in the video above (I hadn’t realised it was an old video).

  3. it doesn’t look quite as groundbreaking as it used to does it, not compared to something like the uncharted series.

    still, i wouldn’t mind playing it.

  4. Sony Soho are advertsing a load of new jobs so maybe it is back on..

  5. They might consider bringing it back as Uncharted is just about to finish it’s trilogy (the two IPs would’ve clashed I think) and ND will probably be thinking about their PS4 franchise. Unless they decide to bring one more Uncharted to PS4 (which, let’s face it, wouldn’t exactly be a bad idea business-wise for them)

    We could have Eight Days in the break before the next Uncharted. Maybe Sony want to see of there’s still interest in it.

    Are you guys still interested in it?

    • I am. I think it looks like Uncharted mixed with Gears of War and flavoured with a little bit of Lethal Weapon. Who wouldn’t want that? Only idiots, that’s who!

      • Haha, ok, I’d like to see more varied environments for a first and , I dunno why, but the animation for him shooting while standing up just annoys me. Put in some different ones! ;)

  6. I was not expecting that music.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing it back in production as it looks like it could be good, but it also looks a bit bland.

  7. looks good actually, I like his movement. Hopefully they can get it back on track

    • I agree, love the movement and cover action – hope it’s on!

  8. I’d love for a new Getaway game, and this looks pretty good too. Could be interesting at Gamescom tomorrow.

  9. looks like a ps2 game

  10. did i miss something wasn’t this game ‘on hold’ i mean thats what Sony said back in 2009 was there confirmation after that stating it was canned.

    But yeah this is NOT what i was expecting seriously i thought it was going to be like the Disaster Report/SOS The Final Escape i was certainly not expecting a third person shooter, oh and the music, serious WTF hahaha

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