Escape Plan Announced for Vita

Escape Plan is a 2D, side scrolling puzzle platformer. Seems to be almost entirely black and white but with a sort of Tim Burton-esque visual style. There were lots of gruesome deaths caused by the scenery too, as you kind of guide the two protagonists around.

Those two main characters (or only characters?) consist of a big one and a little one, called Laarg and Lil, naturally. It all looks quite charming but without much more information than that, we’ll just file this one under “interesting”.



  1. I think the main plan is to completely ruin my wallet!!

  2. I actually thought that this was an article about how Sony were planning to cope with the failure of the Vita (hence ‘escape plan’) – Glad to hear they don’t have the same pessimistic view as me!!

    • My thoughts exactly, considering the last couple of Vita stories.. :)

    • Glad it wasnt just me. I thought they were announcing their back up plan in advance.

  3. Sounds like Limbo to me. Interesting nevertheless.

  4. The trailer for this looked fun :)

  5. Easily the highlight of the Vita games shown (for me anyway).

  6. That really looks cool this game;) Well done SONY for giving me even more to look forward to :P SONY = THE BEST

  7. Love the trailer, I hope it gets a level editor.

  8. Glad they’ve got a good range of titles coming for the Vita unlike they did for Move. I may actually be able to justify a purchase of a Vita.

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