Minecraft On Xperia Play Today

Minecraft, the biggest selling independent PC downloadable ever, is available on the market today. It’s being called the Pocket Edition and is tuned especially for the PlayStation branded smartphone.

With an army of fans, Minecraft might just be a bit of a killer app for the Xperia Play and the fact that it’s an exclusive means that, for the moment, it’s the only way to play Minecraft on a mobile device.


With the PC version still classed as a beta, is this the first ‘final’ version of the game? Well, regardless, Mojang have said that they will continue to support it going forward as they consider game development as a service. They’ll be regularly updating this version, just as they do the PC version.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is available for $6.99 from today.



  1. 7 dollars? That’s ridiculous. If it’s the same price for iOs and the rest of Android too I certainly won’t be buying it. Had it been 3 dollars or so, I would’ve bought it on both iOs and Android yet now I won’t be buying it at all.

  2. The game in Beta is €15 and when it releases will be €20 so it’s not that ridiculous.

  3. Surely it is not worthwhile to be exclusive to the Experia Play for the dev?

    • You would think so as it’s not exactly the most popular phone. Suppose it depends how much Sony paid for the exclusivity deal and how long it will stay exclusive for. If the developers get loads of money to delay releasing it on other platforms for a few months, allowing them to make further improvements it’s a pretty good deal.

  4. Anyone interested in purchasing an Xperia Play, Expansys have them on sale @ £279.99 SIM FREE http://www.expansys.com/sony-ericsson-xperia-play-208958/

    • I got mine from there….next day delivery, great phone.

    • Great deal. Evan without the ps controls that’s a amazing price for that spec of phone.

      • Make that now £259.99, another £20 off.

  5. Dang, i would love to see Minecraft make it to ps3.

  6. Wow is that what gaming graphics look like on phones these days! Im not a mobile phone gamer at all, never really interested me.

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