PS Vita: European Release – February / March 2012

Sony Europe have sent out email newsletters locking the PS Vita in for a ‘February / March’ release next year here in UK and the European mainland.

There’s multiple languages of the newsletter, natural enough given that this is SCEE, and all but the UK one mention those two months specifically.  The UK one says ‘early 2012‘.


The others are here: Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain.

The posts on the PlayStation site are a few days old now, and naturally these are subject to change, but expect more on this during Sony’s press conference this evening, which kicks off at 6pm BST.

We’ll have everything here on TheSixthAxis as it happens.

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  1. “De lancering van PS Vita in Europa staat voor februari/maart 2012 gepland en alles wijst erop dat dit systeem het concept draagbaar gamen voorgoed gaat veranderen.”

    The launch of the PS Vita in Europe is planned for Februari/March 2012 and everything points to the fact that this will change the landscape of portable gaming forever.

    Damn they’re confident.

    • Being able to write (and I assume, speak) so well in two languages is amazing. That’s all.

      • Haha thank you. It’s quite hard to cope with though. I learned English at a British international school in Greece. We would speak Dutch at home and I would speak English at school. Because of that, I can’t speak English when I’m in Holland. Seriously. There’s no way. Yet when I’m in England, I’m fluent.

        My English teacher actually thinks I’m terrible at English.

      • Many Dutch people speak English very, very well compared to other European countries. At least that is what I experienced so far.

  2. Yes! That’s my birthday present sorted.

  3. Oooh just in time for my birthday as well. Must be fate. I still think they are foolish not pushing their hardest for a Christmas release. They should do the same as the Wii (as far as I remember), and put limited stocks out for Christmas so it can sell out, adding to the desire to own one.

  4. March, the month my wife is due to have our baby… yep, definately not getting one day of release now lol

    • Ah, you’ll be getting a much more expensive day one release then!

    • The first 3 months of my wife’s pregnancy was great – she was so tired she fell asleep at 7pm every night…so I played a lot of PS3! :)

      Congratulations BTW…24-week scan is amazing, you can see the whole skeleton. My son is the only thing that would be rescured from my house before my PS3, if there were a fire. Yes, I love him that much! Lol

      • LOL awesome. I’m looking forward to going to a scan and hopefully actually seeing something this time! (my Wife miscarried last time as we found out at her 12 week scan so…)

      • Shit that’s harsh, sorry – fingers crossed everything will be fine – it starts to feel very real when you see the scans (particularly the later one), and especially as us guys aren’t carrying the baby! :)

      • lol yeah, haven’t got my head round it yet, but I would imagine the scans will put everything into perspective :)

  5. Not bad actually after spending lots of money on Christmas Presents and booze for the party and New Year Party. Only just 2 months of saving up for Vita, I’m happy with that =D

  6. Gonna have to save some pennies over christmas. Jan-march is already expensive with games.

  7. Like many others here just in my birthday too.

  8. Like many others here just in time for my birthday too.

    • Bugger, sorry for double post, didn’t think it was posted 1st time.

  9. Feb/March release, Wouldn’t be surprised if that slipped to April.

  10. I want but I’m low on cash.

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