Disney Universe Visits ‘The Lion King’ World

Disney Universe certainly looks intriguing. This multiplayer action-adventure game sees players “suit-up as iconic Disney and Disney•Pixar characters and embark on adventures to power up their hero, battle powerful adversaries and master challenging puzzles to save the universe.”

The latest Disney world to be announced is The Lion King:


“Players can suit up as characters from Disney’s “The Lion King,” including Simba and one of Simba’s best friends, Pumbaa the warthog, as they navigate their way through the Pride Lands and the Elephant Graveyard. The new level also introduces seeds and water bombs to grow plants that can be used as platforms, and players can ride duck vehicles through lava and engage in a final, stormy battle with the evil Scar at Pride Rock.”

Mufasa…ooooh say it again!

Source: Press Release



  1. Noooobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…

    • Sing something with a little more bounce. :P

    • It’s a small world after all…

      • No! Anything but that.

      • *plays a justin Beiber song and then plays that Rick Ashton song, and then plays Rebbecca Black’s friday song* Are those any better then it’s a small world? :-p

      • You’ve ruined it, Steven! You’re supposed to sing “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts.”

        Also, who the he’ll is Rick Ashton?

      • A singer. One of his songs is used for “rickrolling”. Rickrolling is where someone puts a video under a different title and when played, that song plays. It is annoying and infamous on YouTube.

      • Oh you mean Rick Astley? :P

    • Oh, I would have never had to do this with Mufasa…

  2. Mufasa Mufasa Mufasa!!

  3. It doesn’t sound exciting. I don’t really have an opinion on this except that i didn’t know it existed. DAMM YOU DAN! That’s twice you have caused my to have no opinion of a game.

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