First Look At Dungeon Hunter For PS Vita

Earlier this week it was confirmed that Ubisoft has several games in the pipeline for PlayStation Vita. One of these titles is Dungeon Hunter: Alliance, and from the initial pair of screenshots the game looks almost identical to its console counterpart, combining unadulterated dungeon crawling with a multiplayer focus.

We reviewed the PlayStation 3 version of the game earlier this year, praising Alliance for its accessibility and seamless use of the PlayStation Move. However the repetitive combat and difficult spikes as well as limited character customization options dragged the game down somewhat, and with touch controls and (hopefully) sensible pricing being the Vita version’s only additional perks it might have a hard time fighting off its main competitor, Ruin.

Source: Press Release



  1. looking good,I so want a PS Vita

  2. Looks okay, colours are nice and vibrant.

    • Are you drunk? Looks okay? LOOKS OKAY? It looks awesome! You sit in the corner and have a good think about what you’ve just said. Dirty bird! :-P

  3. I really do hope the Vita has plenty of it’s own games etc as well as these ports from PS3.

  4. Already have this game on ps3 so will only buy RUIN.

  5. that really doesn’t look like a handheld game.
    i know it’s zoomed out so we can’t get a good look at the characters but the vita does look to be a pretty bloody capable machine.
    as far as graphics go anyway.
    and with twin sticks it finally has the control options you’d get on a home system, plus a few more the home systems don’t, least not till the wii u comes out.

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