Prey 2 Gamescom Screenshots

Six rather lush (and therefore almost certainly taken from the PC version) screenshots for Prey 2, the forthcoming open world FPS, have been released.

The designers have acknowledged that Blade Runner influenced the design, so along with Deus Ex Human Revolution and Adrift things are looking good for fans of the future.

Source: Press Release





  1. 6? or 5?

    • You have to view them in a particular order to unlock the “secret” one. But you only have one attempt. And the sixth one is amazing :P

      • Yeah the 6th is by far the best :)

      • And it’s 3D, with no glasses required! Unbelievable!

    • Six. If you cannot see six, your head is broken. Please return it to the nearesr Halfords for a replacement.

  2. Loved the E3 trailer, was completely epic, and I can’t wait to give the game a try if its anything like it :)

  3. I cannot wait for Prey 2 as I thoroughly enjoyed the first Prey and play online a lot!
    As for the 6 Images out 5 did you flunk at Maths Tuffcub, I’m shocked at this. tsk you get a C-

  4. I need to upgrade.

  5. I do hope this turns out good, the 2 trailer they’ve released for it were great got me really exited for the game.

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