Silent Hill 2 HD’s New Voice Overs Are Horrific

During Gamescom, Konami released some new footage for the HD version of Silent Hill 2. Normally this would be awesome news. After all, Silent Hill 2 is easily one of the best Survival Horror games ever made. What could possibly go wrong, right?

Apparently, Konami didn’t feel like paying the original voice actors for their work and decided to recast all the characters instead. This could have actually been a good thing since the voice acting in Silent Hill 2 was pretty bad. It had a certain charm to it, though, and that’s why it actually worked.

To say that the new voices broke my heart would be an understatement. Watch the video for yourself and you’ll understand why.

There are so many things wrong with the new voices, I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start with Eddie. His character in the original Silent Hill 2 sounded absolutely insane. There was always a feeling of disgust in every scene he was in. I don’t even know how to describe the new Eddie. Just listen to him. It sounds like he has a throat infection or something. This new performance doesn’t even come close to evoking the same emotions as before. It still makes you cringe, but for all the wrong reasons.

The voice of Mary/Maria in the original Silent Hill 2 was actually really good. It was certainly the most believable of the bunch. The new Maria has too deep of a voice and is trying way too hard to be seductive. James doesn’t actually sound that bad, surprisingly enough. It’s not like he says much, though, so it’s kind of difficult to tell.

Konami somehow found a way to ruin Silent Hill 2. How is that even possible? Check out the voice actor comparison video to get a better idea of just how bad it truly is.

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  1. I never played silent hill as i was young at the time. But the comparison video showed me how it sounds pretty terrible. Worse then heavy rains voice acting! (although heavy rain is one of my favourite games of all time)

  2. Oh ho dear. Just listening to that makes me feel like I need to scrub myself down with lysol.

  3. I thought Mary/Maria sounded better.
    Eddie was worse, but not by too much. Old Eddie’s accent always annoyed me anyway. Pity the new one does too.
    Old James was better than new one, but only marginally.

    I don’t think the new voices are ‘horrific,’ nor do I think the game is ruined.
    But why couldn’t they just have paid the money in the first place?

  4. Amazingly, Maria works and Mary doesn’t, even though it’s (presumably) the same voice actor.

    Eddie and James’ tone are so far away from the characters they portray it’s ridiculous.

    • Maria/Mary I believe is voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn for this one. She’s the one that’s directing the voice overs for this game. She’s also the one you hear singing in all of those awesome songs in Silent Hill.

  5. it is bearable lol.

    • I agree. At best it is bearable. I’ll still be getting it though.

  6. Was it just me or did Tomm Hulett look somewhat uncomfortable as he introduced the new voice-overs? …. like he was trying to swallow back a little bit of sick.. :s
    Having listened to the new voices i can see why. Mary’s new voice is seductive but i thought it changed the tone of the scene. The rest of the voices were different degrees of just plain awful.

    • Why they felt that a woman who Akira Yamaoka loved as a singing voice (from the third game onwards, mind!!) be worthy enough to provide dialogue as an actual actor makes my brain melt.

      Yes, she sings well… but can she ‘act’? NO!

      It’s like asking Michael Jackson to riverdance just because he’s got the moves.

      • I agree!

        Although, I think the only dance Michael is doing these days is the Monster Mash.

  7. Can they speak Japanese with special subtitle powers?

  8. I wouldn’t call it bad, at all and the motions sit a lot better with the re-dubbed voicing, they just sound strange when you’ve been hearing the originals for 10 years. Mary Elizabeth does have too much of a deep voice for Mary in my opinion though.

  9. That is awful. I never even played the original but this has annoyed me!

  10. Why they had to ‘improve’ the game by redoing the voice acting, I don’t know. It’s sad that such a flawed, yet perfect, aspect of the game has been replaced on a whim with no official explanation. I’ve heard that Konami refused to pay the original voice actors and royalties for their likeness in the upcoming release. If true, shitty move on their part :(

    I grew up with Silent Hill as a franchise. Their releases were marked on my calendar (..andytorrs calendar actually) as landmark moments when I knew a truly immersive experience would be… well.. .experienced! Since the release of The Room, nothing good has happened with Silent Hill.. a decent game (Origins) here and a remake (Shattered Memories) there but.. really, I struggle to think of why I still have such faith in Silent Hill as a name any more.

    As an absolute fan, I’ve been pissed on from great heights several times by Konami and WhoEverTheFuck is developing these games for them now. I’d much rather them not bother and leave my beloved Silent Hill to rest in piece with some dignity.. not this. As a fan I DO NOT WANT THIS! I’d rather there not be a HD remake if the people playing these games for the first time get a watered down expereince. I don’t want to have to defend the series because a friend says “dude, … storys good, but the voices took me out of the experience completely..”

    Maybe I’m being obtuse.. but I’m absolutely dreading playing the HD remakes.. purely because I know my entire focus will be on the delivery of the dialogue, which I know almost word for word. THAT is going to ruin my experience. Trophies, fancy textures etc doesn’t redeem the fact that, in my eyes I will be playing a sub par version of the game I know and love.

    How Konami can quite openly shaft their loyal fan base with this decision and the announcement of book of memories (I can’t even give the title capitals…. it’s not worthy!!) is beyond belief! Konami, to me, were at one point the absolute pinnacle of gaming.. Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and Z.O.E being stand out titles.. even to the point of David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake, sacrificing half of his pay cheque to re unite the original cast for the Twin Snakes on Gamecube. That is fucking dedication to your craft and blatant belief in what you do for a living!

    Keii Toyama and Akira Yamaoka must be livid with what Konami has turned their creations in to bastardised parodies…like creating the Playboy empire and being demoted to the lighting guy for a Carry On film.

    As I said on the book of memories thread.. I’m buying this.. Buy i’m making a point of buying it used. Konami are NOT getting my money for this.

    Fuck you, Konami.

    Sorry for the languange.. Hopefully the mods will appreciate my anger here.. I know some of them already do.

    Again… Fuck you, Konami.

    • …I love you Matt!
      Moving swiftly on, to say that Silent Hill is being bastardised lately is an understatement…

    • I genuinely admire your passion but I just had to say:

      Awesome rant is awesome.

    • Awesome reply, fella. Silent Hill isn’t for me but the burnt feeling you’re experiencing is something that we see from time-to-time. Gutted for you as I know you’ve spoken at length about your love for the earlier games from the franchise.

      Silly buggers.

    • you do not have to play them mate who nos you might like the new one.

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