Tweak It: Killzone 3

Last week your task was to tweak Forza Motorsport 3.  I had trouble coming up with any ideas to improve what our review called “a breathtakingly complete simulation” on its way to awarding a very well deserved 10/10.  To the game’s credit there were only a few suggestions for how it could be improved with a number of you agreeing it was hard to fault.

  • Refine ‘Season Play’ so it offers a more compelling experience that’s easier to play more of; make it feel like less of a grind. ~ mynameisblair, scion_t
  • Improved wheel support.  A gaming wheel can represent a significant investment so having one that we could use for both consoles would be very welcome. ~ LewisJ999, nemesisND1derboy, DirtyHabit
  • Introduce a day/night cycle and dynamic weather. ~ aerobes, wick15

If the Helghast wanted peace and understanding they shouldn't have gone with the glowing orange eyes.
Time for a change of both platform and genre now as this week I would like to know how you would tweak what is arguably the PS3’s dominant exclusive FPS, Killzone 3.  Though I really enjoyed Killzone 2 my experience with the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta left me cold.

I did not like the slightly lighter feel to the controls; the heft of the controls in Killzone 2 was one of the games standout features.  The progression in multiplayer in Killzone 3 also seemed to be moving towards the perk-based systems in other ‘modern’ FPS’, when I much prefer the perk-less-ness of games such as Warhawk.

It is probably safe to consider that Killzone 4 is inevitable so what tweaks would you like to see made to the franchise when it returns?



  1. Another great game I enjoyed both campaign and mp with all games I’ve moved on now so it’s gathering dust. The inclusion of move support added something different and it worked really well I actually would like to see this for all fps games but my next one on my list is bf3 and I doubt it’s been included. I couldn’t get used to the sharpshooter however.

    As for a tweak it needs something fresh to bring me back maybe more operation maps. Also inclusion of online co-op would have been mist welcome as the split screen is not for me and limits you to the ds3.

  2. I have a lot to say here – I’ve been as concise as I can be:

    OK the campaign mode could have been a bit longer, but it was very enjoyable so I COMPLETELY forgive it that – I think the expectation of a massive campaign mode for every AAA title is a bit daft really, it should always be long enough to not ever be boring, this it achieved better than many recent titles. For those really bothered by campaign length, hold off day one purchases and wait for reviews, I often do this, sod the free DLC.

    Multiplayer, ah, here we go. It IS a superb MP experience and I’ve put in sooo many hours I can’t quite believe it, but it IS flawed in many big and little ways.

    Unlocks are OK in a a game if the matchmaking keeps you with similar skilled/ranked, and there is a point in the unlocking i.e. you earn something you need to learn to use well in order to build on it – but not right here, you should unlock something with every couple of rounds and have it all available in a few nights – unless it has less baring on the game outcome.

    Spawn camping is a big mare and should not be so easily achieved on some maps.

    The biggest gripe of all for me is actually those deep red clunky menus with the crap load times, plus all the problems they fail to address: (1) noone I know can remember many map names as they are simple text – no visual clues, (2) changing class screws up your loadout selections, (3) remembering which weapon is which is just as hard, (4) having to find weapon strengths and weaknesses i.e. range, damage, accuracy in play takes a lifetime (a little barchart could save us all hours), (5) matchmaking has few options and not sensible ones either, (6) squadding up and clan functions are really cumbersome. Did I miss one?

    I do think the classes are good and work really well in balancing eachother, but you never know how many of your team are playing as what, making it hard to pick what you should do.

    Oh yeah, everyone leaves the ‘skill’ option on armour, as the lure of silent footsteps/ammo/extra primary are all pretty weak.

    Exo’s are not as fun as they should be, jeeps would have been better (go Warhawk!). Imagine the fun proxy mining/rocketing those!

    Modes, I seem to default to Warzone, which I really like, it could do with a couple more objective types to make it less predictable. A simple way would be a tweak to assasination and destroy modes, both sides go at once and the first to achieve it get the point.

    Guerrilla Warfare is fine, I need to play it more, there is some good maps I’ve barely touched (clan TSAN had a good game this week)

    Operations, yep it’s great but more maps are so needed – can these be so hard to build into the existing warzone maps? Again a bit more variety would be great, these are always objective 1>2>3, but they could have a couple of alternatives, so one play might go 1>2b>3b instead.

    That’ll do. Looking forward to the answers from the rest of TSA clan, anyone reading this should join us on Monday and Friday nights, we have a good laugh – hit the TSA meets option at the top of the page.

  3. Make the campaign longer & harder.

    • and playable in co-op online, so I don’t have to have my bloody friends round at my house, drinking my tea and eating my biscuits.

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