Bastion Meets Portal 2

Bastion is a wonderful game, with superb dynamic narration telling the player many stories as the Kid travels on his journey to repair the Bastion itself and save the land.

Portal 2 also happens to be a wonderful game, so there’s no doubt that a crossover between these games would be incredible, right? Well, the Bastion narrator, Rucks, has a bone to pick with Cave Johnson and SuperGiant games have released a video telling us how they go “way back… hypothetically speaking, of course”.


It’s a nice little crossover, though that’s not where the relationship between the two games end: in the PC version of Bastion, which was released last week on Steam, you’ll come across a strange ‘Gel Cannister’ item, obviously from Aperture Science. What does it do? Well, check the video at the bottom and find out (unless you’d rather find out for yourself), it’s awesome.

Source: CVG, Ars Technica



  1. Very cool! I love me a good mash up, and this definitely looks like it was done with love.

  2. Hmm. Is it me or did that voice feel like Duke?

    • Can voices feel? ;¬)

      • I think the real question here is…can you feel a voice? ;)

      • I think the real question here is…can you feel a voice? ;)

        Btw, what does Duke feel like, exactly?

      • Hmm, how did that happen? ^^ :(

  3. Ha, that was excellent!

  4. Oh awesome, I like these kinds of crossovers, and i regret not seeing the huge Portal 2 indie promo :(

  5. I read this as Babestation.

  6. All seemed a bit pointless to me!

  7. That’s cool and I would love to try this game but my experience with trying to set up a steam account on my mac has proved to be exceedingly frustrating.. *sigh* :(

  8. Amazing.

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