Dress Like Deus Ex

Where’s Tuffcub when you need him? He’s the resident TSA fashionista and he has the most recent Deus Ex experience. This story comes a day into his fancy foreign holiday and finds me wholly unequipped to offer you guys any advice.

Basically, there’s a Deus Ex clothing line coming. You can pre-order it now but it won’t be available until October. I think it all looks rather nice, especially the extremely pricey coat, but I’m not making any purchasing decisions until my stylist gets back from his holiday.


Here’s a selection of the garments on offer, there are more through the link below.

Source: Deus Ex Clothing



  1. Of course AG has his own special clothing line, can’t have everyone going round looking like him.

    • Too right, Peter just stole these from my wardrobe!

  2. Suits you sir, OH!

    (If younger readers don’t know where that is from I may kill myself out of depression :) )

  3. That coat. Want. Now.

    • yeah, it is lovely. But £165 though… No chance.

      • If it’s real leather then that might not be as pricey as it seems. Prices of trench coats don’t seem to have a limit when it comes to some brands.

      • Aye, it’s expensive, looks like proper leather though. It’s a snazzy coat. I wouldn’t pay the money myself either though.

      • It’s not leather. It’s a more traditional trench coat – cotton, nylon mix.

      • £165 ain’t that bad for a coat like that!

      • Ahhh that’s a bummer. Would have been kick-ass if i was leather.

      • Someone mention Kick Ass? (Inside Joke) :P

    • WANT IT

    • How about you just buy me it?

    • The coat (db brested nice) looks cool, at least in photo, but man-made fibres arn’t my pref in any garment.

  4. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but i am pretty sure i could probably walk into a Topman (or some other high street branded store) & walk out with something pretty similar to what i see above.

    Not that i would – Me & fashion just don’t get on.

    Not sure what i was expecting to be honest, it just wasn’t that.

    • Topman?!?! You should see the rags they have to offer…

      • I have seen. If i need clothing, i usually take a walk in, around & back out again thinking how i have just wasted 20 seconds of my life.

        If i want to look like a tramp, i’ll just raid some bins. It’s cheaper.

        The bit i was getting at is aside from the coat, it just looks like tat from any ‘named’ high street shop when that sort of thing is in fashion. I’ll admit that the coat looks decent enough, but am damn sure it isn’t worth the wonga they are charging for it (& in fairness, youll probably find something similar in a lot of suit shops).

    • I own a very similar coat to the one above already that I bought for £90 (possibly 70, I can’t quite remember) and that was from Topman (or River Island).

  5. I like pic 3 the sleeves but it looks very similar in TK Maxx up town….. hmmm…. will go on internet shopping now!

  6. Erm, I don’t like the coast, just wouldn’t suit my style (HA! As if I have a style! :D ).

  7. Oh, i was expecting something a bit different.. i had in mind a long sleeve Tsirt that’s printed on one of the sleeves to make it look like your arm has been ‘roboticly’ augmented. I saw something like that recently and it was quite cool but i couldn’t remember where i saw it , so when i saw this article i thought maybe i’d found it again.. Oh well..

  8. I have a coat just like that, well 2. One from asos and one from primark.

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