Theme Park Coming to iOS

Peter Molyneux has had quite an amazing history in games development. That’s not news, of course. From Populous to Fable, games he has been involved with are regularly flagships for their platform and high points in their genres.

When he was at Bullfrog, they were undisputed champions of the resource management style of game. Theme Park has entered the collective memory of gamers and holds a dear place in the hearts of many. So, the recent news that it’s coming to iOS is perhaps unsurprising.

The game will be free to download but the player will be encouraged to buy further in game currency to facilitate swifter building and access to new attractions.

There will be rides based on other popular EA franchises like Dead Space and Mass Effect and mini games to keep you entertained amid all the number crunching and construction. It’s been built anew in a 3D engine too, so the visuals look nice and fresh.

We’re expecting a release before the end of the year.

Source: Eurogamer


  1. Brilliant! I’m getting bored of SimCity on my iPad so this should be an adequate replacement.


  3. Remember to add loads of salt to the fries to get them to buy your drinks! Good memories.

  4. Woohoo! And its free too, what a steal.

  5. Brilliant news, now bring Theme Hospital over to iOS as well and I’ll be a very happy camper.

  6. I’m pleased but I dislike games where you are ‘encouraged’ to spend real money in game instead of buying the game itself. It tends to rob the game of proper balance.
    I am playing Gameloft’s GT Academy on Android which is a brilliant and deep Gran Turismo style racing game but it is really hard to get going as money and XP take ages to build up leaving you grinding a couple of events with the crappy Citroen C3 you start with unless you spend some real dollar and buy a load.
    Maybe this is a topic for the forum, I’d like to know if other people like this method of pricing

    • I hate games that do that. I would much rather lay out a few quid to buy it at first than have to pay during play.

    • Absolutely, if this was just released as a port of the original for £2.99 or thereabouts I’d buy with no hesitation. But this pricing model I find stupid as I just don’t feel like paying for in-game bonuses as I always think I’ll have to keep paying to keep getting a good experience out of it.

      • I totally agree. This model will ruin this classic imo.

  7. Yeah I don’t get these games where you have to buy extra credit with real money. The ultimate goal of any of the theme games is to make money, take that goal away and there’s no reason to play. I tried some island/holiday resort game on my android phone the other day hoping it was going to be like theme park, it followed the buy credit with real money model and as a result there was no reward/goal to playing the game, it provided zero satisfaction…uninstalled!
    There is also a good chance they will make the game really slow paced if you try and make money yourself to force you to buy the credits.

    That said I loved Theme Park and Theme Hospital, fingers crossed it’s good.
    also how about some classic roller coaster tycoon, while their at it.

  8. Absolutely loved this game when it came out. Good to see it back.

  9. Please please please release Theme Hospital too!

  10. I shall use this article for some other key iOS news.
    HECTOR: Ep2 – Senseless Acts of Justice and SPY mouse by firemint hit the app store tonight.
    As well as this Machinarium arrives on iPad 2 on the 8th Spetember. There are no plans as of yet to bring it to other iOS devices due to hardware requirements.

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