Insomniac “Can Keep Pushing” PS3 Hardware In Future

Resistance 3 developer, Insomniac Games, believe that the PlayStation 3 hasn’t yet reached its full potential. They believe that we will start to see a repeat of what we saw at the end of the PlayStation 2’s lifecycle. Titles that released several years after the PS2’s launch were night and day compared with the console’s first generation of games.

Cameron Christian, Senior Designer for Resistance 3 is optimistic about pushing the PS3’s hardware to its limits:

“Each year we’re finding better ways to optimise and different ways to program for it. Being more efficient, figuring out new tricks to get better looking graphics… we can keep pushing that I think. We can focus more on content at the moment because we understand the hardware. I think that’s big.”

Meanwhile Resistance 3 writer Jon Paquette explained why it takes developers years to take full advantage of hardware:

“From a development standpoint when you create the tools to actually create the game – that’s a lot of work. But once you get a game or two done with those tools, they start to mature and become easier to use. It’s then easier to iterate on the content, which is key to quality.”

Given how fantastic this Resistance 3 trailer looks, to think that the developers think there is still room for improvement makes us very excited indeed!

Source: CVG

To read our interview with Jon Paquette and Cameron Christian, click here. Amongst other things they discuss their reaction to feedback from Resistance 2, the trimming down of multiplayer, and the game’s pacing. We also provide a detailed preview of the game.


  1. Always lovely to read but always makes sense too. Still pissed off at Mad Ken when he said something along the lines of “we like to give developers a challenge and you will see great stuff happening as they get to grips with the hardware”. I’m paraphrasing terribly but he basically tried to use it as an excuse for Sony not providing decent middleware/libraries/etc. Arrogant, arrogant moment and one that even now the developers are still recovering from (albeit in lesser form these days).

    As we’ve seen yesterday with the Vita, give the devs the best tools possible so the graphics/sound hit the ground running at full speed.

    • as one that isn’t tech savvy enough to really understand comments made by developers , I believe its something its something they’ve been saying since the ps1 so good on Sony for finally kistening to companies that provide the software that drive their sales

    • Well i think it’s kind of good that somebody pushes the boundaries a bit like Sony did with the PS3 that’s the way we get new stuff. Of course i’m not saying that they couldn’t have made it easier to develop on but it was never impossible like we’ve seen with PS3 exclusive games and now with the newest multiplatform games. Multiplatform companies seemed more like they didn’t even want to learn to develop on it and that is kind of a weird thing when you think about it cause game developing is learning new stuff all the time and if you don’t like learning then those people are in the wrong line of work i think

      • You make a good point but the idea is that devs can hit the ground running (or at least walking). The problem we had here is a history of Sony not supporting their devs with good enough tools to get the best from the hardware.

        The very thing the devs will constantly do is refine their own methods but from a game-design perspective, those studios want to be able to enjoy the hardware to a very decent level from the off. These games have to compete in an incredibly competitive industry and here are Sony barely supporting them with the aforementioned necessities to make great looking games. Less time fighting the system and more time making great games, that’s what we want. It appears that Sony has finally learnt from this.

        This generation has seen some truly piss-poor multi-platform titles when it comes to the PS3 measuring up to the 360 version and there was never really an excuse. Just that Ken Kutaragi tried misdirection which came across as downright disrespectful. Whoosh! I sound like I’m in a bad mood but I’m happy as can be. The weekend is here! *opens bottle of Magners*

      • It doesn’t feel like Sony pushed any boundries. Seems more like they did a lazy job on the dev tools. Bundle that with a complex system like the Cell processor and you create a wall for devs that has to be torn down first. It’s the devs that pushed the boundries by handling the Cell like a boss. :)

      • Good points both of you but at least Sony tried something new with the Cell processor and the Blu-ray (witch is very good in my opinion because of more disc space) and didn’t go the same way that the others did what is safe

  2. Kinda makes a comment I saw from COD dev sledgehammer look very weak! They say they’ve reached the limits of ps3 development! Ha! ;)

  3. Seeing as the PS3 has just reached it’s prime within the past few years, i believe that they have yet to unleash the full potential of it. Games like Uncharted have pushed the PS3. This is good news as it means that Insomniac should be delievering us some excellent titles over the next few years. :D

  4. Ps3 feels like its got so much more to give.

  5. Hope they can deliver, they certainly aren’t pushing the boundaries of colour, not attempting to troll, I am looking forward to this game, I just wish shooters would be more colourful sometimes..

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