Your First Glimpse Of PSN Pass

Is the topic of the PSN Pass the most hotly debated thing on TheSixthAxis for a while?

Most certainly, and whilst the whole thing kicked off way before either Sony or Insomniac were wanting it to, the official reveal brought plenty of comments with many feeling that the concept of having to pay extra to play online unless you bought a game brand new was a little unfair – to say the least.

Regardless, as the quick shots of the press kit show, it’s very much real.  We’ve obviously blurred out the code (as it’s not been entered yet) but you’ll see how the sticker looks and although the retail boxes will be obviously different we’d assume that the code will be printed in a similar way on the store-bought versions.

And yes, that’s Resistance 3, the first game that’ll use the new Online Pass system.

You can read my thoughts on online passes here, amongst other things, and we’ve got a full hands on with Resistance 3 at this link and an interview with the developers here.

Review soon.


  1. I’ve no problem with the scheme, but if they’re sticking that over manuals, I hope it’s removable.

    • Hope they’ll just print it on the back of the manual or on a separate voucher. Could be it was stuck there seeing this is the press kit, well I certainly hope so anyway.

      • Yeah, you usually get a card in the box with these redemption codes. Hope it stays that way.

      • This is just a press kit. They’re quite often a mix between collectors editions and crazy, whacky one offs.

        In this case, the “vinyl” game disc is in a cardboard sleeve, which I completely doubt it will be for the retail release. Retail, and the pass code will most likely come on a separate sheet of glossy paper in the game case, just as if it were a DLC code, which you see so often.

        At least I hope that’s the deal with this. Having a cardboard case isn’t my idea of keeping a disc safe, if I’m going to be switching games all the time as I usually do…

  2. Aha, I thought that was a vinyl disk :p I’m not getting Resistance 3 but I’d probably see this in Ratchet and Clank: All for One

    • Imagine the size the Vinyl would need to be to hold 50GB of data.

    • already got this paid for just hope it turns up shopto are on there last life with me.

  3. i guess that means a preowned version will be cheaper, so maybe it’s not all bad.
    it’ll certainly save me money not buying new games.

    i bet jack bauer would have software that could enhance that image so he could read the code.
    i wonder where he gets it from. ^_^

    • Good point, I’m (also) not a network player and do not have to get most games day one. Still looking for COD and KZ3.. on the cheap..

      • also, because I do not use the codes my newly bought copies can be sold for a higher price ;-)

  4. I don’t have a problem with this or schemes like it. It’s not like they are charging you another £40. Are they??

    • Exactly.

      • Nope, but they charge me an extra tenner each if both my brothers want to play on their own profiles, after I’ve bought the game brand new.

        Now I will wait til games drop in price, that is if I buy them at all.

  5. That Blu-ray that looks like a Vinyl record is well COOL! :P

  6. I have no problem with it. Love the disc.

  7. I never had a problem with the pass issue. I don’t buy used games, or sell/ trade mine.

  8. Don’t see this being a major problem. Especially as the money will be going to the people who make the games.

  9. Agree with the comments above. I have no problem with online passes, but I buy only new games anyway. I hope the R3 retail blu-ray will also look like that :)

    • special edition retail is, but the normal version is not the vinyl version blu-ray.

  10. i have no problem with psn pass but those pics make me want my linn sondek lp12 back.

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