Meet the Reader: Bodachi

Your regular instalment of meeting some guy who can often be found on a website. I present to you Bodachi:


We’ll start in the usual place. Who are you, how old are you and where do you come from?

I am Brett Parsons, my age is two ducks quacking, 22, and I come from a town in Hampshire called Chandlers Ford.

I take it you’re a bingo caller in your day job?

Hehe. No not me. It’s because I used to go to bingo with my mother, when I was young whipper snapper.

Ah well, it was a shot in the dark! Tell us, where did your screen name come from?

Well no funny story here, It comes from my mind. I really wanted something unique never really liked having a load of numbers at the end of my name. So I just thought it up one day and I’ve stuck with it for quite a few years now.

I guess you’ve a lot of luck when signing up to new places. I’m always having to add numbers to my regular handle. How and when did you first get into gaming?

Well that comes from having a brother that is a lot older than myself so I used to hang around with him a lot and admired him as a kid. When he started playing games I would sit there in his room watching him play. We would play some two player games together such as Street Fighter. I remember the first game I played with him was, I think, Porsche Challenge on the original Playstation.

Does your brother, and any other sibling you have, still play games? Is there a bit of familial rivalry simmering?

Well I only have the one brother and we both still love playing games. My brother and I completed the Portal 2 co-operative in about a day, while we ignored everyone else. We tend to play fighting games against each other, at which I normally lose.

How did you progress, consoles wise, to the current generation? Have you stuck with the PlayStation brand?

Well I started with a Gameboy Pocket, then I got an N64. I got a PlayStation from my brother when he upgraded to a PS2, and a load of demo discs which I played the crap out of since I had not much money to buy new games with. Then it was the Gameboy Advance but my next home console was an original Xbox; I played a lot of Halo back in the day. Then I got a DS and I played one of my favourite games Jump Ultimate Stars, before working through a PSP, PSP Slim and DS Lite, trading in towards a PS3. My latest handheld would be my little PSPgo.

Quite a diverse set of hardware you’ve had there. Are you looking to make any new leaps forward with the 3DS or PS Vita?

I was looking at getting a 3DS but not really any games that I want. I’ve never been a big fan of the main Nintendo franchises. The Vita I’m really looking forward to, even if it is gonna be a beast to carry compared to my PSPgo. There are just so many great games coming for that system and I must have them all!

With that attitude, are you sure you don’t like Pokémon?

Oh, I loved Pokémon back in the day. I had Blue, Yellow and then Gold and I think I got one of the GBA Pokémon games, but the love kind of died off as I just got a bit bored of them.

I know where you’re coming from there. This does bring us neatly to the obligatory question: What is your favourite game?

That is really a tough question. There are some really great games that I love, but I think for a game that I keep going back to would have to be Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy. I’ve racked up way too many hours playing that game. I had about 130 hours on the first game and I’m on about 100 hours for the latest one.

That’s what I’m here to do, ask you the really hard questions. So, what’s the worst, or most embarrassing game you’ll admit to having played? Any guilty pleasures?

I don’t think I really have any embarrassing games, well not that I can remember, though it can sometimes be embarrassing watching my Singstar videos.

Can you share those on Youtube? Would be a shame not to show people, right?

I was just trying to look at them myself on the Singstar site, but it doesn’t seem to be working that well at the moment. It says I have none which is just a lie. Though if anyone does want to watch them they can download Singstar Viewer on the PS3 for free.

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  1. Nice to meet you :) I’m sure I’ve played against you in UC2 or at least in coop once or twice. Good luck in Uni ;)

    • forgot to mention, Porsche Challenge was awesome on PS1, I thought i was the only one who had actually played the game, bought it from the most unlikeliest places…..the Spar

    • Thank you, I think I have played UC2 with you. Porsche Challenge was a pretty good game from what I can remember who be nice to see it on the PSN for some nostalgia.

      • It was great fun with my brother. I remember when you finally unlock the black porsche which was the best. I still have the game in it’s case in my room :p

      • I think I’ll have to pick it up from amazon sometime then.

      • nice to meet you. Porsche Challenge was a great game I had forgot all about it till now brings back good memories.

  2. Nice to meet you sir. I only ever rented UC2 so never got involved with the online but I am going to buy UC3 so I would be up for joining some meets on that when it arrives.

    Porsche Challenge was probably the first game that got me into time trials. It was my mates game and he spent ages setting a time which I then beat after 2 laps. He then did over 100laps (the counter stopped at 99) trying to beat me but couldnt. He still hates me for that. :)

    • Always nice to welcome more to the Uncharted meets though the first Uncharted 3 meet is gonna be one of the busiest meets ever.

      Never been a fan of time trials as I’m not good at them.

      • They always are at the launch of a big new game!

  3. nice to meet u Bodachi =D

    but tef didny u forget to ask him about the Snog, Civil partnerchip and Smother??

    • didn’t*

      • I asked and he doesn’t really listen to the podcast, so it’d have been a bit too much like an episode of Blind Date. Just less questions, and more killing.

    • Hello there.

  4. Oh Hai There Bodachi! Nice to meet you! :3

  5. It’s nice to meet you mr thinks he is on a boat but says that just to annoy me, Aqua and Raindays at any of the meets.

    I forgot that you were still doing the UC2 meets. I would attend but for some reason UC2 now refuses to work with my controller during an online match.

    I remeber when we all rode that tank. I think it was one of the last meets that Tef did. Tis was funny. :D

    • You never have any proof that I am not on a boat. You need to get yourself and official controller my good sir or soon there will be no more Uncharted 2 meets!

      • I have no income atm thus i am current living on what i made from that temp job. I may have to skip UC3. *cries and sets fire to the corner of TSA towers*

        It depends on when i get a job which is like Demon Souls only ten times harder. :(

      • That is quite strange, your controller suddenly not being compatible with UC2… Never heard of that before, you sure it wasn’t just a one-time occurence?

      • It happened a lot during the UC3 Beta. It was unplayable for me. It kept happening at the UC2 meets. It is only UC that refuse to work with my controller online. :(

      • The only time you’re on a boat is during Red Dead Redemption, and even then you tend to kill al of us

  6. Nice to meet you Bodachi.

  7. Hello, congrats on now having your very own article only about you dedicated to you about you out on the web, was an interesting read.
    I was also genuinely touched, you mentioned my name in there, Brett. ;(

    It is as you say though, more folks need to sign up for the meets, they can be a whole lot of fun. Only not yesterday, since you had lost your mic and I ended up chatting with some american that was a wee bit scary.

    • Well of course I mentioned you. I’ve probably spend more time playing games and chatting with you more then anyone else on TSA.

  8. Nice to meet you Bodachi. I may of played a few games of UC2 with you as i got into the multiplayer very late in the game. Will be alot different with 3 though.

    • Uncharted 3 will be quite a bit different, Which I personally prefer over Uncharted 2. Look forward to seeing you in the meets if you join them.

  9. Hey Bodachi, had great fun on the Uncharted 2 meet last week. Unfortunately couldn’t make it this week, though. Hopefully I’ll be back for next week.

    • Hello there. Yeah last week was a little crazy. This week wasn’t the best as I lost my headset and spend most of the meet looking for it between matches.

      • Lol, sounds a bit frantic. I’m afraid I had to watch Doctor Who which started at 7.10. It was good :)

      • I watched it after the meet and it was very good.

      • I guess I could’ve used BBC iPlayer. Hmm

      • you should have just missed it, it’s awful television

      • How dare you good sir. One of the best programs on television.

      • it is too cringy, and makes me feel bad that it’s welsh as well

      • It’s probably the best BBC show on atm.

      • im afraid Motd will be after man utd and man city’s performances today. I’ve also got into Torchwood but i can’t put up with the gayness

  10. Nice to find out more about Bodachi. Will have to join you again soon in UC2. My internet is down currently so only have access to TSA through my phone, harsh times. Should be sorted by next weekend. Anyways just wanted to mention to The Lone Steven that one of my official pads also gets disconnected from my ps3. This only happens when playing UC online. I did find a solution though. Connecting the controller (wired old skool style) this alway stops me from being disconnected. Just wanted to share that as I’ve not found anyone else with this issue as well, until now.

    • I look forward to seeing you in the meet.

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