More Screens From Spider-Man: EoT, X-Men: Destiny

New screenshot from X-men: Destiny and Spider-Man: Edge of Time have hit the web (tee hee,) giving us a closer in-game look at both Activision titles. Developed by Silicon Knights (the team behind Too Human, or if you want to be more forgiving, Blood Omen,) the former title is an action RPG set within an X-men universe sculpted by comic book writer Mike Carey. Players will be able to adopt one of three super-powered characters in an adventure driven by mortal choices which will ultimately determine whether you join Xavier and his X-men or Magneto and the Brotherhood.

Also sporting a “cause and effect” structure is Spider-Man: Edge of Time, though not in an identical fashion. Developer Beenox is now at the helm of the Spider-Man franchise having previously developed Shattered Dimensions. Edge of Time will combine both the Amazing Spider-Man and 2099 universes for a cross dimensional web-slinging experience.


Both games will launch before the end of the year, X-men Destiny billed for a September 30th release with Spider-Man following a couple of weeks after.

Source: Press Release



  1. Oooooh looking really good. Will be picking up both of these.

  2. they get to wear the uniforms in x-men?

  3. It actually does look great but it’ll be a bargain bin for me instead.

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