First DCUO Expansion Launches Next Week

Sony Online Entertainment has today announced that the upcoming “Fight for the Light” DC Universe Online expansion will be available to download from September 6th. Aside from a number of Green Lantern-themed mission arcs and locations, players will also be able to select “Hardlight Constructs” as a power for newly-created characters who will then align themselves with either the Green or Yellow Lantern Corps.


According to the press release, the expansion will be completely free to anyone with an “active subscription.” Whether this will exclude opportunists looking to re-subscribe just before launch date has yet to be verified.

At present there is no word on an official EU release or promotional offer, though it seems likely; those who try to access the UK version of the DCUO website are directed straight to the same update page as US subscribers.

Source: Press Release 



  1. awesome, started playing this weekend with four mates. Great timing!

    • Sweet, I assume you’re on the EU PS3 server?

      • Yeah I am man, you on the US one?

      • Nope I’m EU too ;)

      • Nice, you can add me if you want, only have one character, called Zero Entropy! Guess what his power is…

  2. Glad they focused on Green Lantern.

  3. “Whether this means anyone who has subscribed prior to today’s announcement or anyone who signs up just before launch date has yet to be confirmed”

    Given you can’t play the game at all without inactive subscription, I think it’s a moot point ;)

    • “without AN active subscription” *facepalm*

    • Looking back, it’s a very poorly-worded sentence. Will fix it up ;)

      • The way I interpret it, is anyone with an active subscription can download and play the dlc. Clever move for the first dlc pack as well, as it prevents any fracturing of the player base.

  4. there is some news about the eu release.
    it’s delayed.

    “Due to technical issues with SCEE, the DCUO Fight For the Light DLC will be slightly delayed for the EU PS3 version of the game. We appreciate your understanding as they work through this issue as quickly as possible and will update you as more information becomes available.”

    • My sub runs out on the 11th, so I’d be pretty pissed if I just missed out :(

    • It’s the same issue that is delaying the EU in-game marketplace, it’s something to do with the game entitlement. Given how it took SCEE & SOE over a month to fix the initial subscription switching problems after launch, we’re probably looking at October. Hopefully I’m wrong though.

  5. Just so happens my subscription is being renewed for another month tomorrow, I would have preferred Green Arrow DLC to Green Lantern though, Arrow tougher he has no powers and still kicks butt.

  6. Nice!
    Regarding a level cap increase, it’s not going to happen is it. This was the main thing holding me back from a purchase, but the beta has left a mmo void, i may have to reconsider.

    • Originally I hated the cap, but now that I’m in the “Endgame” it doesn’t bother me as much. Getting the best equipment and earning “marks” becomes a nice substitute, pretty much forcing you to team up with other players.

      That said, I would like to see a level cap increase eventually.

      • the trouble is, they have to make the game playable with a pad.
        that means they can’t add new powers.

        i would have preferred if they’d added attack combos rather than new powers, because they’re always going to be limited in how many buttons you have on the pad.

        they took a too mmo centric design philosophy with the game rather than making it an action game that features thousands of players in the same world.

        if they’d followed the way most console action games that feature levelling work they could have had a lot more levels.

        so as you level up you could select which combos you wanted to get that level with them having different effects.

        you could have combos that do damage in one of your power types, another that does damage in another power type.
        and still more that stun or knockback enemies.
        or any number of effects.
        you could still have new powers but don’t just assign them their own button, but integrate them into the combat more organically.

        that’s how i’d have done things.

        trouble is, as it stands now, without something akin to galaxies combat revamp, or whatever they called it, there’s not much they can do about increasing the level cap.

      • Hazelam, you can only have one set of powers at a time. You choose that when you create your character. There’s nothing to stop them adding completely new powersets, like they have with this Green Lantern DLC, but you will need to create a new character (or re-spec an existing one) to be able to use them.

      • i wasn’t talking about adding new powersets, that can easily be done like you said, and as they’re doing with the lantern rings set in the expansion.

        what i was talking about was making it so there can be a lot more levels, but still have new abilities unlocking regularly.

        right now there’s a limit, because if you put points into a new ability, you have to assign it to a button to use it, unless it’s a passive skill like a permanent stat boost or something.
        right now once you’ve assigned a skill teach each button in each stance there’s no way to add new skills without replacing one you already have.

        but with some sort of combo based system you could have almost limitless amounts of abilities, limited only by the need to not have ridiculously long combos.
        but even with a three hit long combo there’s plenty possible button combinations.

        even if you only use two buttons for the combat.

        for one hit you have two possibilities.
        for two, you have four, for 3, 8, for four sixteen.
        and so on.

        and with three buttons, the possibilities increase even more.

        and the complexity needn’t be a huge problem if the combos are gradually expanded and extended as you level up.
        easing players into the more complex combos.

        take a game like marvel ultimate alliance.
        there are combos that stun and some that knockback.

    • Yes, the *real* levelling system aren’t the levels themselves, but the skill points you earn to boost your powered and increase your stats. My main character is level 28 but only has 23 Skill Points, and the maximum is currently something like 80/90-odd.

  7. Really need to get this, loved the beta..besides the odd nasty freezes

    • I imagine you can pick it up super-cheap now. The Legend subscription is back on again in the US, so I guess it will relaunch here again as soon as they sort the other SCEE problems out. Note: if you buy a used copy, make sure you buy a subscription from the store *before* you play/install it, as the in-box 30 day code will have been used, and the code or subscription gives your PSN account the “entitlement” to play.

      • Each disc gets tied to the console it was first played on and cannot be played on another console. You can’t buy this game used.

      • That’s not true, I bought the game second hand this week and am playing away, you just have to buy a subscription off the store.

      • I never used my 30 day code when I got my copy (which was second-hand ex rental from lovefilm), I just bought a 90 day subscription and it worked fine!

      • Well unless something changed, there was a massive controversy when it released

      • I think those anecdotal reports were wrong. Anyway, I can vouch, it definitely works without the 30 day code as I never redeemed mine.

    • Yeah I think I found it in Game around £20 as new I think. I hope everythings sorted!

  8. i may get this again…

  9. I still have my copy with the 30 day code unused if anyone was looking for a copy?

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