Kevin Butler Vs. Resistance 3

With Sony gearing up for the launch of a PlayStation exclusive it should be no surprise that everyone’s favourite VP, Kevin Butler, makes an appearance.

Resistance 3 is the latest title to receive the Kevin Butler treatment as he leads the resistance into battle… on a horse. It’s probably best you just watch.

Hot on its heels is another ad which highlights some of the back-story of Joseph Capelli, as Insomniac are keen to show off more of the bleak world and the emotion which goes into the title’s campaign.

Source: Official Blog.


  1. Very powerful second trailer, I was put off by R2 but now I might have to reconsider.

    And of course it’s great to see another KB ad, however he’s never seemed quite as epic since playing portal 2 and listening to Cave Johnson.

  2. what more can you say apart from that kev butler is the funniest most pointless advertising guru of all time!!

  3. R2 was okay, campaign was great, but i wonder if I could put up with R3 since my interest in shooters as fallen so deep…..

  4. The charge of the light(gun) brigade .. no wait that was the Crimean war, not the Chimeran war.. ;)

  5. But the ball on the moves wasn’t glowing for the blokes who were pointing it at the TVs.

  6. I love KB. He is brilliant. Will get this at somepoint after xmas but won’t have the money til then.

  7. Awesome times two. Absolutely love r and r2. 3 Cant cone quick enough…

  8. Liked the first, parts of the second, but it really wan’t as god, skeptical of R3 tbh, might wait a little tbh.. Kevin butler trailer was pretty good, not as funny as some of the others really.

  9. Raised a smirk but it’s not as funny as his earlier stuff.

    Really didn’t like the multiplayer beta for R3 so it’ll have to be a bargain for me to pick it for the single player alone.

    • Feel the same way on both accounts. An uninspired ad for an uninspired game. Hopefully the story mode is better then the CoD cloned multi-player.

  10. already paid for roll on next week love KB.

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