New Stronghold 3 Trailer

Here’s one that perhaps only a certain set of PC gamers will be interested in. Those that are familiar with the Stronghold series, though, and particularly the brilliant first in that series, might be quite excited about it.

Stronghold 3 is being billed as a castle building game. Set in medieval times, it will have two distinct campaigns – a military one and an economic one. Simon Bradbury of Firefly Studios has described the different play styles.

We wanted to show that there are two sides to Stronghold 3, to create a mighty army, you also need a fully functioning village, which means growing crops, nurturing animals, holding church services and even giving your villagers a few pints of ale. The Economic Campaign really highlights the simulation aspect of the game, as players are tasked with restoring the abbey to its former glory and repairing lands that have been ravaged by The Wolf’s army.

Oh and don’t worry if you want to see lots of soldiers getting killed and siege engines destroying castle walls, we’ll have a military trailer soon…



  1. So…excited….must….have….soon!

  2. Oh please be easy to play *prays* Stronghold 2…. I don’t know

    • I enjoyed Stronghold 2 to a degree, wasn’t the worst game ever. Stronghold ftw though.

      • Yeah Stronghold 2 is nice, just can’t play it properly. :(

  3. I love the voice work in the Stronghold games! The Welsh ones from the first Stronghold were the best – “Oh, do I have to! I haven’t even got a shirtttt!”.

    Looking good in that video, I would like to see some more combat though and some more castle structures. One of the best parts of Stronghold was building a huge and impenetrable castle.

    • Agreed adam, was awesome to do :)

    • “I’m a lover, not a fighteeeeeer!”

  4. Awesome, can’t wait to play it :)

    Hopefully I get review code :D

    • ‘Hi, my names phil, and I bathe in potatos as I get free games, uhhhh…..’

      • THAT’S RACIST! Ha, beat you to it Phil. :D

  5. Looks great, I might get it never played any of the stronghold games before.

  6. Why was I expecting to hear “Who are the Britons?”

    • I was thinking the same, but more “There’s some lovely filth down ‘ere!”

  7. Whoa…

    • Whoa! peasants doing Medieval things, wait what the? pack of wolves??? AAAAAAAHHH!!

  8. It looks like a relaxing game to play. I do hope there is a multiplayer where you can declare war on other players. The kingdom of Steve will be feared throughout the land. I shall take over the world and excute Yogdog and any TSAer who will oppose me, by ET:the Game and Pepsi.

    I am now wanting to get it. :D I hope it doesn’t require a powerful laptop.

    • Would seriously like to see you try, dude! :)

      • I accept your challenge…….once i get some spare cash and a powerful PC/laptop. You shall be defeated. Your people will die,your buildings will burn. etc.. I think a few TSA comps would be good for this game. :D The Kingdom of Steve shall be feared etc…*insert awesome villain speech*

    • I too, would like to see this – Any chance of a live stream? :D

      • I can live stream :) I’ll be sure to crush him quickly though, I love me some RTS.

    • You should just get the collection for now (I think you get that not sure) either in Steam but in Game I;m not sure what it is. Anyway your kingdom would be no match for Sir Doragon just like any other king or Queen that will fall by my might!

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