Space Marine Co-op Mode Exists

Relic has today come forward with official news regarding co-operative play for its upcoming third person shooter, Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine. The mode itself, which caters for up to four individual players, will play out in a very similar fashion to Gears of War’s Horde. However the likeliness between the two games should stop there; after all, cover is for the weak, you know.

Titled Exterminatus, the mode features two maps and will be completely free to download when it launches next month. The reason for the “delay” has yet to be verified, though it’s possible that THQ wants to allow recent downloadable 40k title, Kill Team (which is essentially an online co-op shooter,) a little more airtime before possibly being blocked out by the Exterminatus DLC.


We assume that players will need the Space Marine “Elite Pass” in order to access the online co-op. Space Marine launches a week from today here in the UK.

Source: Kotaku



  1. I’m yet to try the demo for this I downloaded and I’ll be interested to read a review, I’m very interested in the game world but I have no idea how the game will play out. Could be a good un.

    • Found the demo really poor. Real shame. Thq just offer poor, bland visuals and controls. I find their style…..boring.

      • Me too, wouldn’t say there was anything really wrong with it though, just nothing was good enough to buy, a lot of distinctly average components..

      • Same wasn’t a fan of the demo. It was ok but nothing screamed must buy at me. May pick it up further down the line when it goes cheap.

  2. I thought the demo was okay.
    Reminded me of Gears a lot, but with granier/crapper gfx.

  3. Damn, I thought it was going to be co-op campaign. Pass from me

    • Co-op campaigns are wonderful and it loses interest once they’ve gone all Resistance 2 on my arse.

    • Yeah, I’m a bit narked off by that. One of the reasons I had ordered this day 1 was with the thought of doing the campaign in coop once it came out. Seriously considering cancelling my pre-order now, as it’s not going to be the game it was made out to be.

      Don’t get me wrong, I loved the demo and would happily play the SP campaign. I was just expecting to be able to bring the Emperor’s justice to the enemy with my mates too (and not just in a horde-style mode that almost sounds shoe-horned in now). :-(

  4. The demo was fun but don’t think it’s a Day 1 purchase. Might get it around Xmas time.

    • If anyone else had posted that comment it would have seemed normal but i thought you bought all games day one??? :O

      • I know right! something’s wrong with me *cries*
        *wipes tears*
        It’s because I will be busy and very focused on Resistance 3 and Dead Island instead so Space Marine at a later time ^^

      • Seems reasonable ;) What platform are you getting Dead Island on? I keep looking at it but I don’t realy know anyone who is planning on picking it up right away

  5. There is no online co-op in kill team so it can’t be the reason why it’s not shipping on the disc

  6. It has co-op? Awesome! Can’t wait for this!

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