What We Played #16

What We Played
Do you ever find yourself in a position where your games are tantalisingly just out of reach? That’s the situation Josh finds himself in having moved house and carelessly allowed other belongings to accumulate in front of his game collection.

As a result he’s been plugging away at the Blu-ray that was in his PS3 at the time of the move, Grand Theft Auto IV. Going back through the game for a second time, collecting a few trophies he missed, is proving “boring” though as he feels the plot is lacking. In stark contrast he’s also playing some PixelJunk Monsters which he’s played little of before but now recognises as “awesome”.

If you don’t follow TSA on Twitter, why not? Because of that you may be unaware the new TouchJunkies website, where you’ll be able to read more about some of the game development that’s been going on around these parts.


Much of Alex’s time this week has been taken up with testing the output of that development which has meant…

…playing the same level 24,000 times every hour, trying to sort out the balance, score limits and whether or not it’s actually possible. I’m serious, we had to double the length of time allowed on one level because it was simply too hard. Or we were crap.

Somehow he’s still found time to rack up a Bodycount and hack, slash, maim and murder his way through the God of War Collection II which sees Kratos’ two PSP outings given the HD treatment. Apparently this has only served to make them even more “brillianter” than they already were. “Seriously, get them… they’re ace” says Al. His tip of the week is that should you find yourself trapped on a Glaswegian bus the iOS title djay is “really good” and helps you block out the nonsense being spoken around you.

Like myself, Peter’s been a strictly ‘one game man’ this week, donning a long black coat with shiny shoulders to crawl through ventilation shafts in Deus Ex: Human Revolution:

I love the back story and the atmosphere of that game so much that it’s not even spoiled by some of the worst voice acting in recent memory and some decidedly average gunplay.

[drop2]Xenoblade Chronicles has been consuming Dan’s time again this week. He still seems to be enjoying it somewhat having declared that “nations should bow to its magnificence”. When not JRPGing on the Wii he’s played through Hamilton’s Great Adventure which he sums up as “a charming PSN/Steam puzzle game that’s well worth a look”.

Jim has found his way back to the streets of Gotham and Metropolis having returned to DC Universe Online after some time away. What’s tempted him to part with a monthly subscription? “The Megaserver update has increased the chances of finding a group” to play end-game alerts, raids and duos. The scarcity of players was behind his earlier abandonment of the game and “though the problem hasn’t been completely remedied” he’s enjoyed a reasonable amount of raiding since his return.

More multiplayer mayhem was had in League of Legends but the daunting challenge of going up against the most experienced players has put him off so he’s “most likely” to wait for the eventual release of Valve’s DOTA 2 so he can get in there from day one.

Last up for Jim was some single player superheroing with Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions.

The way Beenox has put this game together is fantastic; every stage is centred around an iconic villain from the Marvel archive and switching between dimensions is an effective hook that also keeps things refreshing.

This week Blair has continued having fun with LittleBigPlanet 2 and some iOS games “such as Hector Episode 1 which was on sale”. Fortunately this was a case where cheap and cheerful was a good thing: “it’s really funny and such a great game too. I loved it.”

Last but not least this week we find a trilby’d Toby partaking of some crime fighting in L.A. Noire. Having been driven away from his initial playthrough by the repetitiveness of the game he’s back to make a concerted effort to finally wrap it up and play right through to the end. “It’s a bad time to be a murderer in Los Angeles” he suggests.

I strongly suspect that there’s been a significant amount of machina-less deus ex-ing going on out there this week as not since the release of Gran Turismo 5 has there been such consensus amongst my PS3 friends list which has a reasonable number of TSA regulars on it. Am I right? Let us know what you’ve been playing.



  1. I’ve kept to Fallout 3 and New Vegas this week. Finished New Vegas which was really good, now I’m working my way through 3 and I’m finding it a lot harder than NV, it throws you in the deep end quite early on with super mutants and brutes in the first hour or so. Still it’s great fun and the setting and exploration is fantastic, the world seems to be much larger than NV. Actually I have completed the Spa Gran Prix in my F1 season on the same day as the real race. Looking forward to Dead Island and Resistance 3 on the 9th. :)

    • Reviews from our team here at TSA and other fellow outlets will ultimately determine whether I decide to pick up Dead Island or Resistance 3. I will get both eventually, but it’s not as much strain on the wallet to buy one at £35 at launch and give it a month to buy the other for £25.

      • Yeah I’ve taken quite a gamble with the two, I’m hoping Dead Island will be up to the standards of all the gameplay vids and that Resistance 3 will give a me a lot of playtime online. £80 on the same day is quite a dent in my wallet along with £31.99 Plus renewal, then we have BF3, UC3 and Dark Souls to compensate for. I think I can mange it though.

    • Funny you should say that about New Vegas & 3 OK, as i actually found the complete opposite – I have found that with NV i managed to stumble into quite a few deathclaws from the off, which was a bit of a harrowing experience to say the least! 3 was different though as i found megaton straight away & managed to work that as a base of operations, which worked out quite well for me.

      I loved fallout 3 & played it to death (180 hours i think i clocked up), but for some reason i just can’t find the motivation to drag my backside back to the Mojave tbh. Couldn’t tell you why either, which is strange.

      • @Forrest, I should mention that I did go a bit too far from Sloan in NV when I was a low level, the damage one “young” deathclaw did was bad. Because I ran it resulted in half of the residents of Sloan being killed. So it does throw you in at the deep end only if you wan’t to I found. With 3, as soon as I was making my way to the main city and I encountered super mutants, the brute ones, raiders, ghouls and turrets. With a fair few stimpaks it was all good in the end though.

  2. Played through Deus Ex since I got my copy on Saturday, I was planning on making it last but I ended up glued to my screen playing it and completed it in three sitting, three very long sittings. My derrier was not my friend after that, haha. Absolutely stellar game. In the run up to Resistance 3, I’m playing through Enslaved again, as well as a run through Yakuza 4, which is stellar (never played a Yakuza game before except the demos), also picked up Arkham Asylum to run through again before October :)

  3. I’m still playing Gundam which is amazing (GOTY 2009, Jpn only *cries*) all I’ve been doing is single player but now its online!!! its so addicting, unbelievable its been a while I’ve played do much of a game.

    When I need a break from Gundam, I was playing Littebigplanet 2..again I’ve been composing symphonies than playing or creating levels.

    On PC I have an reborn desire to continue playing RC3 and build upon my park and on the PSP playing Monster Hunter, which is all I do.

    • There is no such word as addicting aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

      • Yes it is? its in the dictionary.. *runs*

      • Since language is an evolving, growing thing, this argument is difficult to conclude.

        It seems that ‘addicting’ is currently at that transition between being a hideous bastardisation of ‘addictive’, used by people who want a positive-sounding way of saying something is addictive but don’t understand ‘compelling’ (or don’t think their audience will understand it) and being a fully fledged participle adjective.

        I hate the word though, it’s awkward and ugly.

  4. I’ve been pretty much only playing Yakuza 4, which I’m really enjoying. Other than that I’ve mostly been mucking about with stuff on my shiny new Motorola Xoom.

  5. This week I’ve played Dead Space 2 (got to my first Hardcore save point!!), WipEout HD and I completed The Sly Collection, bagging 3 platinum trophies in the process. I also played a bit of the Resistance 3 beta (when I can connect, it’s great) and Brink (didn’t like it).

    Next week will be more Dead Space 2, Driver:SF, Assassin’s Creed Beta & Resistance 3 on Friday :)

  6. Deus ex and thats it at the mo. Its mgs gone fps. I love it….

  7. Not much this week as i have been busy with other things… Which scares me a little.

    What gaming i have managed to get around to has mainly revolved around American McGee’s Alice, which i am finding ok but a bit dull in places, but strangely enough, quite addictive too. It is over a decade (or so) old though, so i am giving it the benefit of the doubt.

    Hopefully Madness Returns is a little more engaging when i start that.

    • Madness Returns is so much better. I liked AMA, but AMR is a much better experience.

  8. I’ve been playing Guild Wars properly, since I bought the trilogy in the Steam Summer Sale and left it (they are evil), and i’m impressed that i actually want to play it again, as many MMOs I have played have left me bored very quickly. I’ve also been playing the free NES games for the 3DS, and have come to love Balloon Fight, with its chirpy little soundtrack and addictive gameplay.

  9. I thought i would get a lot more gaming in this week as i’m on hols – but i had a sudden urge to do some gardening, painting and turned my laundry mountain into – ‘oh , i don’t actually NEED to buy new clothes now’ :)
    I have managed to play some Deus Ex though, superb game!

  10. I have been playing Dragon Age Origins and 2. I prefer Origins as it is better then 2 and has an excellent story. I am going to spend the weekend slowly reinstalling all the DLC.( i got it preowned and couldn’t wait for the complete edition so i brought all of them over time.)I keep rushing through the second act of DA2. Damm the story for making me want to know what happen and then making me feel very very sad when spoiler spoiler spoiler happens. I wish they had toned down the combat a bit. Warriors are too fast, Rogues are fast as expected but they tend to fly through the air. I don’t mind the Mage combat as it is an improvement on the DAO mage.

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