“Something Awesome” Coming to LittleBigPlanet

There are many fans of LittleBigPlanet here at TSA, and they may be interested to see the following image that has been posted in the official LBP forum:


A bit of detective work over on the forum seems to point at this image being linked to the upcoming Move pack. Hopefully some sort of confirmation is incoming.

Source: LBP Forum




  1. Dragonball Z customization pack?? I dislike the move DLC, means it’ll cost £34.99 to use its full potential in a way. Anyway I’ve really grown tired of Littlebigplanet, needs something more exciting than MOVE…(which was supposed to be in the game not the Dinosaur spin-off, typical)

  2. “Something Awesome is Coming”

    That’s what she said :D

    (i have been watching to much ‘The Office USA’ lately, sorry) LoL

    • I’ve been reading the internet..

      Crazy I know…..

  3. I would also guess it’s the Move update, which I’m looking forward to as I can’t wait to see what people come up with in the line of move mini-games.

  4. It has to be move and some great levels with extra DLC trophies and costumes – Jurassic Park or even Resistance map packs

  5. I thought LBP 1 was better. And the DLC is always just costumes, i would rather more than being able to dress up like assorted characters..

    • Extra levels come out often enough.
      Toy Story came out only a few weeks ago…

  6. Top banana!

  7. I don’t play much of this myself, as I’m quite shit at the creation side of things, and I find the performing elements pretty mediocre. My younger brother will love this though, LBP and the sequel are pretty much his most played games.

  8. Yey I love it when things are awesome

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