Resistance 3 Gets First Round Of DLC

Resistance 3 launches this week, and Insomniac have just announced the first round of DLC for the game via an in-game note.

“Expand your Resistance 3 experience with the Survival Pack,” it says, “featuring the new Invasion Game mode – which forces humans and Chimera to capture and hold multiple control points for as long as possible. The more control points you defend, the faster your score will rise and the sooner your team wins.”

The DLC, which will be available on the 4th of October on the PSN Store, will also include a skin pack for multiplayer (with some of the human survivors mapped around your character) and a static XMB theme.

Our full (mostly spoiler free) review goes live at 2pm BST.

Via GameFAQs.


  1. Devs are so eager to flog DLC these days….they could at least wait until the game is available to buy everywhere before announcing it!

    • Quite. I’m only buying for the single player so shall steer clear of this DLC.

    • or they could just include it in the game. doesnt sound “amazing” DLC anyway

    • imo best to let you no way before so you no its coming.

  2. Sounds like a mode already present in Resistance 2…

  3. I’ve had a quick glance at metacritic and a common theme seems to be that the single player campaign is a really decent affair but that the multiplayer isn’t as strong so the DLC may help with that.

  4. This better be free imo.

    • I hope so

      • I mean this is a mode that really is in every game now days anyway. And why split the community already?

      • Yep, if it’s not I’ll be furious.

  5. I feel like i’m the only person excited for the online, this DLC should be free though.

  6. Sounds pretty much like the Headquarters game mode in COD or Conquest in BF. Personally I would have thought this mode would be included in the actual game. Hopefully the pricing will be generous.

  7. Please be free.

  8. I don’t like when devs do this…when the DLC is not free that is. They keep stuff off the game, then want you to download AS you get the game, and CHARGE you.

    I’ll get the game though. SP campaign looks too good to pass up.

  9. It better be free or you may as well wait for BF3 tbh

    • Even without this dlc their is a great sp and mp.

      • Sorry I didn’t mean miss R3 entirely, just this new mode they are talking about :)

  10. You would hope this is either free or very cheap, given how insubstantial it sounds. I can understand why publishers want devs to implement things like this but still, uncool.

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