Ubisoft Remove Driver: San Francisco Online Pass

Today’s school report for the gaming industry: “C – must try harder.” First Dead Island has PC troubles, and now a post on the official Ubisoft Uplay forums has revealed a problem with the online pass for Driver: San Francisco.

“Important notice for Driver: San Francisco Players

When you begin DRIVER: San Francisco, you are prompted with the Uplay Passport menu. The menu has 4 options: “Purchase Uplay PASSPORT,” “Activate my Uplay PASSPORT,” “Start my 2-Day Free Trial,” or “Remind Me Later”.

There are two ways to access these online features:

1. Select Start My 2-Day Free Trial, which will not expire, OR

2. Select Purchase Uplay Passport, which will be provided at no charge.

Either option will unlock the 11 multiplayer modes and the Film Director feature on console titles with Uplay Passport.”

A post on the official Xbox forums reveals that the code supplied with the game has been printed incorrectly and will not work.

Source: Uplay / Xbox Forums



  1. Saw this earlier, now means i can play my dads copy of Driver online too :)

    …if i had xbox live gold :/ too many costs to online with broadband costs, initial game cost, gaming subscriptions and now online passes.

  2. I suspect some jobs will be available over at Ubisoft soon.

    • lol yeah i agree. I wonder how much it will cost them?

    • If it’s a printing error, whatever printing company was contracted will be paying for the mistake. It’s likely some (ex) inkjet operator used an incorrect file for the codes… it happens alot with peoples names and addresses, but most mistakes are never recognised by the public because the post offices fix the errors, or theres no money involved so no one cares.

  3. Doh! *looks at jobs @ ubisoft

  4. Is this only on xbox?

    • good question. If its also for the PS3, I’m going to go buy a new copy just so a publisher can see that no passes for online will help new sales. If it’s 360 only I’m just going to rent it instead.

      • The Uplay posts refers to “consoles” not just Xbox

      • I had no trouble with my PS3 code.

  5. Cool pushes this forward now to making me starting a rental package as it means I can play online.

  6. Embarrassing and could prove costly for them.

  7. I’d like to give Ubi commendations as they could have easily decided to print up new codes for their pass, recalled the shelf copies, and just given this free pass of a pass to those who have already bought the game. I hope they see increased sales because of this.

  8. Great news for people that want it second hand..

  9. Woohoo, a bit of news where a studio error isn’t bad news for gamers.

  10. Next week Game sells it for £25….(new)…. *prays*

    • Lol yeh. It’s crazy how quick games drop in price*
      I picked up new Killzone 3 collectors edition a week after release from GAME Manchester for £20 xD

      *except for COD.

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