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So we all know that the announcement trailer for Dead Island was pretty damn good, epic even. While the actual release might not exactly be tear jerkingly profound, the game has brilliantly sinister characters who are let loose in an open world environment where terror reigns.

You’ll have to fend for yourselves against hordes of a variety of undead from the obligatory zombie bikini babes and surfer dudes to The Butcher, with its sharp elbows; The Drowner, with its floods of body fluids; The Thug, hardened criminals turned even harder zombie criminals; and The Floater (not sure I want to know about that one); all while completing tasks for survivors à la Fallout using an RPG style levelling up system.

If all of this sounds like something you’d enjoy, you’ll be glad to know that we have five copies of Dead Island on PS3 to throw at you lot, like an axe at a zombies skull but hopefully a little less painful and intrusive.

All we ask from you is that you use that brain of yours one last time – because lets face it, the undead have already started taking over your town – and let us know which video game or movie character you’d have fight beside you on a zombie infested island and why? For example:

If I was stranded on a desert island I would have Simon Pegg out of Shaun of the Dead beside me so we could pretend to be zombies, sit it out with a pint in The Winchester and wait for all this to blow over.

The more inventive or funny the answer, the better! The five that we deem the best will win a copy of the game. Answers must be sent on a bloodstained postcard.

Not really, but if you could submit your entry in the comments section below that would be fantastic.  The competition will run through to 9:00pm on Friday 9th September and winners will be notified by the email address linked to your TSA account the following day after we’ve sifted through the submissions.

Terms & Conditions

  • Normal terms and conditions apply.
  • This competition is UK only.
  • Five copies available.
  • One entry per person.
  • The judges decision is final.
  • This competition closes at 9:00pm on Friday 9th September BST.

This competition was brought to you by CrawFail.



  1. If I was on a zombie infested island, I’d choose Doofy the sheriff from Scary Movie to be with me lol. Sure, he’d die withing seconds but it’d be funny seeing him stood there shouting “No running!” or “Gail Swallows” whilst he get’s his spine shredded! Plus, I’d die anyway so may as well die laughing!

  2. If I was stranded on a desert island I would have my welsh dictonary to hand, and I would royally confuse and bore the f**kers!! ;) Plus i could use it to cave their heads in :D

    (no welsh language from me today dont worry)

    • lol, speaking welsh to them would instantly blow their head off.

      I can’t enter this one as I already have it preordered and the competition ends when the game will already be at my house. Just want to say another good comp and nicely done Crawfail ;)

      • same here good luck guys but already paid for & on the way.

    • Phlegm as a melee weapon?… ;)

    • As I didnt read the post properly, Please disregard this as an entry because, in fact it it not an entry! D’oh!

  3. I would ensure that former CBBC presenter Andi Peters was at my side; for a start, I’d need someone to tell me weak puns and to laugh at when he gets scared of everything. However, the most important reason is that he’d have Edd the Duck with him and he’s destroy those zombie menaces.

    • When I started reading this I thought you’d use him as a lure and send him the opposite way you were heading…

    • One day I’ll learn to read a competition’s rules. Although Andi Peters was in Toy Story 2…

  4. If I was stuck on a zombie infested island I’d have Dante (Devil may Cry) by my side. While heshot and shredded through waves of the undead at superhuman speeds (lookin’ damn stylish while he did it) I could sit back on a deck chair with a beer and a shotgun, picking off the odd one that gets through the carnage!

  5. Jesse Eisenberg (Columbus) from Zombieland. Double tap!!

  6. If I was stranded on an island full of zombies would have Chell from the Portal games. Not only ebcause you could use that handy lil’ gun to evade the zombie horde, but you could also blow their mind with physics, yo.

  7. If I was stranded I would want Napoleon Dynamite with me. He is pretty good with a bow staff and spent one summer hunting wolverines off the coast of Alaska. Hardcore!

    • Plus his drawing and dancing would be great sources of entertainment.

  8. Obviously Guybrush Threepwood. Not only can he store all manner of useful items in his pants but he can hold his breath underwater for 10 minutes. That is bound to come in handy

  9. I’d bring Bill Murray, and just dress up as zombies together and head to the nearest boat yard ;)

  10. If I was stranded on a Desert Island I’d have Holly Willoughbooby from TV’s Celebrity Juice. We would destroy all of the zombies by smashing in the back door to their stonghold. Then I’d smash Hollys back doors in.

    • Oh my effing god!!!! hahahahahaha! *bursts out laughing* Andy! Hahahaha. I’m still chuckling.

    • Never heard of her, but what the hell *dies laughing

    • Shaaaatttting

    • Can we just give him the game now?

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