LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Patch Live

We’re hearing reports that the LBP2 Move patch is now available for download. Weighing in at a hefty 568MB, it isn’t just Move support in that chunk of digital goodness.

According to a post on NeoGAF, the patch includes speed, rotation and angle sensors, a “Slice n’ Dice” tool, min/max players tweak, a score multiplier option for the Score Giver, Bounce Pads that only bounce when the user presses to jump, Magic Mouths that show the actor’s name and colour/transparency tweaks for the water projectile.


Also, there’s the option to use triplets in the music composer. This makes LittleBigPlanet dubstep a very real possibility and that prospect amuses me to no end.

Source: GAF



  1. I haven’t played this for ages but I loved Prehistoric Moves so i’m looking forward to this and I’ll give it a bash.

  2. I thought this was next week??? This is an awesome surprise on my birthday! :D

  3. i missed out on this… until now! think ill have to give it a purchase! shame about the Dubstep though

    • Its ok you make classical music….

  4. Dubstep on LBP :) Some of the music levels on there are brilliant already, like the Katy Perry one where someone built the whole set from the video to Last Friday Night, as well as a LBP-style track to it.

  5. Sweet, must check when i get home, hopefully it’s already auto-downloaded.

    • I miss a working auto-download. Shame on you FW 3.70

      • I had that problem too. You can get it working again if you set time/date via internet and change the time slot from the one you normally use. I did so and it’s been auto-updating every 2nd day since. Once you get it working don’t change the time slot back or it will stop working again. Sony knows and they’ve promised a proper fix.

      • Ahh thanks. I originally changed the time to get it working, then changed it back. This obviously stopped running shortly after

      • Ironically, since 3.70, it’s been better than it ever was for me.

  6. Ooh new tools and toys, I like shiny.

  7. LittleBigPlanet 2 GOTY Dubstep Edition ftw!

  8. Brilliant.
    I thought we’d have to pay for the Move Pack though- do we have to wait for the Move Pack to be able to create and play Move games?

  9. I hate dubstep.
    But this makes me want the game a lot more.

  10. What is triplets? I don’t get it.

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