One Last Trailer for Resistance 3

Have you read our Resistance 3 review? The game certainly impressed us (and everyone else by the sounds of it). Those living in North America will already be playing this bad boy, but for the rest of us here is one last trailer before we join the fight.

Source: YouTube


  1. Nice trailer, not seen many of those clips before. I should get the “You parcel is on it’s way” email very soon!! :)

    • …still no email :(

      • mine has yet to be dispatched even after paying for first class delivery from Amazon

      • Haven’t got an email for this or Dead Island. Sometimes I get them in the evening. Working late tomorrow so I guess it doesn’t matter too much! (Both ordered from GAME btw)

      • I’m hopefully out friday, saturday and sunday, so will have no time to play either on them anyway, so was hoping i could get then both a day early

      • take that back, Resistance has been dispatched today at 1st class, hoping it comes tomoro :) the items are grouped so Dead island may come with it too

      • Cool, lucky you! Apparently Game are now only sending items 1 day before release (but Special Delivery)….that’ll teach me to order all the Special Editions :(

  2. That’s one of the best trailers I think, quite emotional as well. I hate grims! I remember they were in Resistance 2 in the pitch black in Chicago level, had me tense all the way through. Friday will be a good day.

  3. Is it me or does the animation of him using his gun to kill a chimera at 1:08 just look utterly ridiculous. Can’t wait for the game though.

  4. Oh wow. Oh wow-itty-wow. That really was a very good trailer. The ice gun was a complete surprise and caused me to exclaim “shiiit!” loudly. Ha! It’s interesting to see Insomniac taking the route that I’ve been hankering after for years. A franchise that evolves and even changes styles/genres slightly. Sure, this is still an FPS game but many reviews are saying how it’s not the Resistance of old and, for me, that’s a good thing. I really enjoyed R1; thought R2 was a bit meh, but R3 is looking superb and pushes the story along properly. Bravo, Insomniac. Bravo.

  5. Haven’t seen a trailer that good (for a shooter) since Resistance: Fall of Man’s lauch…

  6. This looks great, I’m slightly skeptical after R2, and there’s so many games coming out soon, might wait a little for this one. A demo would do wonders to make up my mind though.. Ice gun looked awesome, that was a surprise, sledgehammer too, animation looks good too.

  7. got update 1.02 eu 676 mb takes for ever

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