First Look at RAGE’s Co-Op Mode

Bethesda has released the first footage from RAGE’s co-op mode. As the Shrouded clan come to Wellspring to destroy the town’s water supply, two warriors join forces to fight off the invasion. This means you, so get going.

The game is out on October 7th for PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

Source: Bethesda



  1. This looks good, is it actually split screen or are they just representing it like that..? Might get this when it’s cheapened a little, annoyed about the HDD install too.. The weapons system looks really cool, but other than that is it really doing much new gameplay wise? I mean, it looks great and the AI looks superb in some other videos (not so much this one) but it’s still just post apocalypse with mutants… dull.

  2. It’s not all about looks but ‘KillZone 3’ looks better + i didn’t see anything that made me go ‘I MUST BUY THIS!'(Gameplay wise) Hmm? This is from id? Oh well.

  3. Meh, any game with a 22GB install isn’t worth the time of day tbh.

  4. Really can’t decide about this game, some of the trailers make it look brilliant, some of the trailers make it look very generic. Will play it sometime down the line, just not sure whether it’s in day one or bargain bin status. Hmmm…. a conundrum.

    • agree yogdog, mixed messages received here too. Waiting on detailed reviews myself.

  5. I for one think it looks fun, but not interesting enough to warrant a launch-day buy. The single player stuff however does! But my wallet is practising martial arts so it can protect itself from the incoming flood of games, which means I’ll have to get this later.

  6. This is not campaign coop, right? What is wrong with developers these days?

  7. the guns look great ! but the game in general looks rather generic maybe a rent

  8. I pre-ordered! Can’t wait to play and will give me something to do while waiting for borderlands2 :) not so sure about coop in this one as it is not the campaign – but might still be fun!

    anyway I think it looks awesome and it has John Goodman :)

  9. For me it certainly looks like something that could eat a lot of time, which is good in one way because it better value but on the other its not because so much comes out this fall. And BF3 is just a couple of weeks after…

  10. Way too many games to get.

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