‘Linger in Shadows’ Devs Behind Mystery Move Game?

Remember ‘Linger in Shadows’? Released on the PSN back in 2009, it garnered much praise for the way it allowed you to use the SixAxis controller to interact with the environment.

Well it looks like the developers, Plastic, are toying with the idea of a Move game. The YouTube video below was sent to iWaggle anonymously, before NeoGAF sleuth ‘Toppit’ did a bit of detective work that seemed to link it to Plastic.


Check it out.

Source: iWaggle / NeoGAF



  1. Well linger in shadows was hardly a game was it? If that’s anything to go by, this will be there only for those people that want to pick up a few quick and easy trophies. Interactive tech demo is what I’d call it.

    • I’d like to believe that there are still people out there who still enjoy games (or interactive tech demos) for what they are and not just easy trophies…

      • I loved Linger in Shadows and not for the trophies. Hell, I’ve still yet to get all of them because I just jump into it every now and then when I want to experience a game instead of ‘play’ it.

    • Well it was born out of demoscene fans basically wasn’t it

  2. That looks very interesting.

    • More of an interesting tech-demo than anything else though.

  3. Looks great…..if you enjoy catching leaves! :p

  4. It’s about time they were doing something else and I’d like an excuse to use the Move controller for the first time in about 2 months. If LiS is anything to go by, it’ll be interesting for about 20 minutes and then never touched again. I’m very interested though.

  5. Yes please!

    Add some magic powers to that guys hand and we have Move’s first original interesting game!

  6. That is just really strange.

  7. Looks odd, and not really game like- probably wont get. Really liked the little opening thing for their logo though..

  8. Would have been nice if there was an arm attached to that hand.

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