Dead Island and Bodycount Winners Announced

So, sadly, we have to close these competitions and announce the winners. A damn shame as the replies were so creative and hilarious I do wish it could carry on forever. Unfortunately, it can’t and rather than sitting reading all your comments like I have been for the past week I actually want to go and play Dead Island myself! Turns out, it’s not half bad!

The victorious submissions were made by..

Drum roll, please!

Dead Island:

  • Kamokazi-UK
  • citizeninsane45
  • trollmonster
  • TheRook21
  • Flash
  • SpikeyMikey23
  • Tomjakes
  • Rocket_345
  • Tantalus_blank
  • Corbula

Well done guys an I hope you enjoy the game. The winners should check their inboxes for an email asking for their details so that we can send off the prizes. Extra points (of the TSA variety.. 200 of them to be precise) to Flash for the fantastic effort with the bloodstained postcard for the Dead Island competition. A brilliant effort there!

Bloody Lovely

To the rest of you, commiserations and thank you all for entering. Your entries were fantastic and if I had a few hundred copies to give away you’d all get one! Also, keep an eye out for more competitions next week where we will have some more games to give away.

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  1. Well done to the winners. Great comp tsa :-)

  2. Well done to the winners, bit gutted I didn’t win either but hey Ho, that’s life. Maybe next time :-)

  3. Im talking about the dead island comp here: Flash definetly deserved to win but some of the other winning entry were undeserving, sorry :).

  4. Congratulations people. Next time IT’S GONNA BE ME!!!!!!!

  5. Jammy Barstewards.

    • I second this :) and congrats.

  6. Congrats to you lucky people ;)

  7. Congrats to all the winners. Nice to see some regulars there too – every time there’s a comp you’d swear TSA’s membership had quadrupled lol .. ah well, so long as you all stick around that’s fine. :)

  8. Congrats guys, hope to see some of you on Dead Island!

  9. …fall to my knees and scream skyward, ‘What did I do wrong, I never win anything….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!’

    Well, I did win some prawns once from the local fish man. It was the bi-weekly ‘Guess the fish’ competition.

    Still, well done everyone, another great competition from the World’s leading authorities on all things Sixth and Axis.

  10. Wasn’t me doh! Well done guys.

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