Syndicate FPS Coming From Starbreeze

It’s not like any of this is too much of a surprise (check our earlier posts on the rumour mill) but Syndicate is coming back, and it’s going to be a first person shooter from developers Starbreeze who worked on the amazing Chronicles of Riddick games and the less amazing but still rather tasty The Darkness title.

The confirmation comes from a Swedish forum (by way of NeoGAF) citing the next issue of Game Reactor as one of the mags with a report coming up soon, although it actually appeared on the EA Origin store briefly, which is where the description and screens are from.


We can’t currently vouch for the authenticity of these screens, but here’s a few of the currently floating around shots:

Although more information is expected next week, the game is set in 2069 and focuses on a future where neural chip implants have replaced normal consumer interaction.  “One complete package. One complete lifestyle,” says the game description.

In return for this luxury, megacorporations known as Syndicates “gained unprecedented insights, and control, over the individual and their behaviour” and this business has become war.  You will play the part of a Eurocorp agent, and “embark on a brutal action adventure of corruption and revenge.”

Expect to be able to slow down time and see through walls in four player online co-op, which includes 9 missions “re-imagined” from the original Syndicate game.  The best bit? Sci-fi author Richard Morgan is behind the story.

Via Gematsu, vg247.



  1. Get to bed Alex :P

    Anyway, could be cool, but it needs to bring something new to the genre. FPSs are just getting too stale for me at the mo.

    • That’s what I thought, then I played bulletstorm!

  2. Sounds fun, seeing through walls and slowing down time especially. The premise sounds okay, could go either way depending on how it’s done, with a good writer is will hopefully do well? 4am really isn’t the time for me to be thinking about it..

  3. I was hoping that they’d keep the remote control idea or at the very least, a third person squad based style. I’m now beginning to think it’s starting to sound like a nostalgia cash in.

  4. Can’t wait to pick the mag up :)

  5. So it’s Deus Ex HR. Oh dear. Classic Syndicate please.

  6. What is it with many games from previous generations being turned into FPSes? I expect will see FF7:the FPS, Resident Evil:FPS,GT:FPS, etc… in a few years. :P

    I bet it will be generic.

    • Lol technically, all they’d have to do is add hood-mounted guns and a crosshair to GT, since it already has a first-person mode :P But I see your point. There are a lot of FPS’s lately.

  7. I wonder if they’ll make Theme Park into a FPS (Syndicate is Bullfrog far as I’m aware)…..basically you build a park with all kind kinds of rides and ..and inside these rides zombies gather so you have to like shoot them and attack with sideshows like strength o meter and those water things but with acid ..

    EUREKA! the scicetists have discovered a new ride…NO aaaah *Zombie: Om nom noom, new ride upgrade…braaaaainsz.

    Honestly I’m 100% against it, its so pathetic…and if a fan I’m sure they’ll be pissed of..

  8. Sounds an awful lot like Deus Ex HR. I hope they don’t forget that vital ingredient – fun. ;)

  9. Sounds great! Anything that can refresh the FPS genre like Deus Ex sounds good to me, so long as it isn’t just a copy of Deus Ex that is. :)

  10. No no no! It won’t work! Syndicate should be isometric not ‘yet another fps’ :(

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