Dragonica ‘New Origin’ Expansion Dated

It has been announced that the Dragonica expansion, New Origin, is set to be released on September 20th. “The biggest expansion to the game yet” will see the addition of video resolution options, a new race (with both the Shaman and Amazonian classes), riding pets, as well as a level cap raise to 80 and much more.

New Origin will feature new quests, maps and two brand new high level dungeons for Level 45 and Level 75. A complete redesign of some of the older maps and the world map has also taken place, giving the game a new and improved feel.


Lastly, there will be a great number of functional updates to the elite monster, chat system and the party search function. “Dragonica is going to get even more interesting on September 20th.”

Source: Press Release



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  1. Thats a nice expansion. I remember playing a bit of this game a couple years ago or something, might try it again when this releases to see how it’s changed.

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