First Monster Hunter 4 Footage

Announced earlier today at Nintendo’s pre-TGS conference, Capcom has released the first footage from upcoming sure-to-sell-millions action RPG, Monster Hunter 4. Unlike previous MH announcement trailers, this “concept video” focuses more on new gameplay elements which will hopefully be making their way into the finished product instead of a 90-second teaser centered around the game’s updated bestiary.


Featuring the iconic Rathalos and Tigrex, the footage shows a rookie hunter (as suggested by the equipment he’s carrying) fleeing from the latter. What’s interesting is how Capcom has implemented a new platforming focus, the hunter clumsily bounding from one pillar to another as the Tigrex smashes down each one in rapid succession, also highlighting destructible environments. Wall-climbing combat is also featured as well as mounted combat, hunters being able to grab onto the bigger enemies, even when airborne.

It’s a Shadow of the Colossus-flavoured twist to the existing addictive gameplay formula, and one that looks just diverse enough to set Monster Hunter 4 from its predecessors.



  1. It’s nice being able to watch the video over and over again at my own leisure! Was watching the live stream and never got to see it again :(

    • I’ve clocked about 300 hours across Monster Hunter games, so I’m really looking forward to this. Hopefully Monster Hunter 4 is also in development for the PlayStation Vita too.

  2. nice additions to the gameplay which should add a more dynamic dimension. Hopefully the Vita will get a souped up version.

  3. Oh….god don’t be an excluisve deal…

  4. It’s easy to see from these wonderful, PlayStation 2 era graphics that Capcom chose to develop this on 3DS so that Monster Hunter fans would weep tears of joy after being blinded by the wonder on their screen.

    In reflection, perhaps it was more earthly concerns that drove Monster Hunter to the 3DS…

    It seems that Capcom’s collective ass is so tight they might find more profit in turning coal into diamonds.

  5. Looks like Monster Run The Fuck Away

    • Yeah… ahah, could’ve turned around and smash that Tigrex

      • Tigrex? Sounds like a sanitary towel for felines.

    • Agreed. Monster load expelled in the hind quarters of one’s underwear. Dra..dra..dra…DRAGOOOOOOON!

  6. I didn’t like the PSP version when I tried it as the controls felt stiff and handling the character was a pain, the concept trailer looks good though.

  7. The animations are humorous, the platforming features look cool, but…

    Y U NO ON PS3?! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ

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