Monster Hunter 4 Announced For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has announced that Monster Hunter 4 is in development for the 3DS. Details are pretty much non-existent at the moment but a brief trailer with gameplay footage was shown during Nintendo’s pre-TGS press conference. It looked far more cinematic than any of the previous releases in the series.

We’ll provide a link to the trailer as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Nintendo Press Conference



  1. This better be a multiplattform game.

  2. You can find the trailer at nintendo everything:

  3. Apparently Capcom stock went down the moment they announced it for the 3DS

  4. Those fools. Capcom can consider themselves officially dead to me until such a time as their management, whom obviously all suffer some form of mental retardation, announce a proper MH coming to PS3.

    Just no. This isn’t good enough.

  5. If there’s none for Vita….. >_> *facepalm Capcom, well two new Monster Hunter’s is nice but…I can’t see how I’d play hours on a 3DS its so uncomfortable..

  6. Should boost 3DS sales though?

  7. Stand still and fight that monster! Master your fear and use it to slay your enemies. A monster hunter never flees from fight not even if the monster if massive or even a mix between Justin Beiber, David Camron, Uwe Boll and Pepsi.

    MH seems like a game that i would really enjoy. Why did i miss the PS2 games. This looks good. Although, the platforming looks a bit clunky. I hope we will see a MH game for the PS3, xbox 360 and PC one day. I want to slay monsters in HD.

  8. … You’re kidding right? News Flash: Capcom refuse to believe that life exists outside the handhelds.

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