Win El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

Keeping in the tradition of giving away lots of new games lately, this week we have five copies of El Shaddai: Ascencion of the Metatron on PS3 to give away.

In the last few competitions we have been asking for you guys to think up funny and clever comments so we thought it was about time we had a change. To win a copy of this game you need to email us at adam[at]thesixthaxis[dot]com with the answers to the following questions (and your TSA id):

  1. The Story of the game is inspired by a particular book based on a certain religion. What is the name of that religion?
  2. In the game, there is a creature called the ‘Nephilim’. Can you tell us what he looks like? (a basic description is fine).
  3. Ignition Entertainment, the publisher, also have an Action RPG coming for the PlayStation Vita. We simply want to know the name of this upcoming title?

You can check out our review for a point in the right direction with the questions. Entry to the competition closes this Friday.

Five winners will be picked at random from those who answer correctly. The winners will be announced in an article on TSA and will also receive an email asking for their details to send off the prize. Currently we are still waiting on most of the Dead Island winners to respond to us which is preventing us from sending out the prizes, so please remember to check to see if you have won on TSA in the winners announcement article and check you inbox including your junk mail. Remember, we cant send off your game if we don’t have an address!

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions

  • This competition is UK only.
  • One entry per person.
  • There are five copies, all on PS3, available.
  • Entry to the competition closes on Friday 16th September at 9:00pm BST.
  • Winners have one week to reply to the email with their details after which if no reply has been received,  a new winner will be chosen at random.
  • Revealing the answers on the website will result in you being disqualified and could result in a ban.
  • Normal terms and conditions also apply.
This competition was master minded by Bunimomike. 


  1. I’ll happily take their copy off of Dead Island off you hands. ;-)

    I haven’ really been interested in it so i shall pass this comp and because Spikeymikey will win it.

    • Cheeky bugger lol. just downloading a patch so i can try my latest prize ;) haha

      • its the luck of the welsh?

      • Must be i won aswell lol

      • but I NEVER! *goes to shag sheep to become more welsh* jk

      • It’s quality not quantity. Thats where you obviously losing your Welshness

  2. I’m liking the sound of this comp. Count me in.

  3. Please email your answers in, don’t comment with them! [AG]

    • are they the real answers?….becuase if yes you single handedly just ruined the whole competition

    • Are you trying to throw us off the scent.

    • *facepalm* It says email…

      • In reallllly small text and not in bold. I’m on a phone.
        El shaddai!

      • Yeah, innocent mistake, don’t worry about it..

    • You do know that you have to email them the answers right? As you may have single handly ruined the comp and thus AG will not be happy and will beat up Crawfail. Poor Crawfail. :p But if these are fake ones to throw us off the scent then nevermind. :)

      • Looks like the comp is ruined now as they are the correct answers. >:( Thank you inconsiderate person. At least Spikeymikey can’t win it this time around. If Adam pulls the plug on this.

      • Sorry.

    • I… I… I don’t… understand how someone can be such a fuckwit.

      • Just ban me.
        usually sites like CVG have an instant reply thing that’s then made invisible. I rushed. Fuck off.
        once again. Ban me. I’m sorry.

      • Are you telling me to fuck off? Get a grip.

      • We aren’t that horrible, just make sure you have completely read the article next time ;)

      • We don’t tolorate members telling other members to eff off. Yes, phil shouldn’t have called you that but he is annoyed as he knows they are the correct answers due to him playing it. I suspect a mod will PM you later.

      • i didnt see the f**k off first time, this guys a douche

      • I don’t understand how a few “veteran” TSA members could make the site so hostile, honesty its so immature so this must be the worst? serious…

        @Origami Killer; “i didnt see the f**k off first time, this guys a douche”

        Jesus…. >_>

      • I don’t care if i offend any of you here as it’s the truth, some of you are way too overprotective of TSA and when someone does one little thing wrong in your perfect, lush, flower filled fantasyland you hound them.

        Go ahead and deny it, but you’ll only be lying. Cheers.

      • I too left my pitchfork at the door, rather amusing really.

      • @sympozium, yeah I have apologised somewhere here. I was just annoyed because it clearly says by email in the article. Everyone makes mistakes though…

      • At least at the time you could’ve refrained from abusive language eh?

        *shakes head in shame*

        Negatively is best be gone

      • To be honest Yiddo, it seems people here can’t help themself to prevent themselves from cracking up if something mean or critical was hurled towards Thesixthaxis…

        Its getting ridculous ..

      • it wasnt abusive, @yiddo your right to be honest

      • and by the way his answers were wrong in the first place which I have just realized so I have no hope of winning now :(

    • he’s wrong as obviously the Nephilim looks like a penguin

      • I think it looks more like a puma.

      • How am I a douche when somebody else called me a f***wit?
        Lets just leave it at that.

      • Stop making up animals!

        Ahh Red vs. Blue… :P

      • apologies to the guy :) its definitely a turtle ;)

    • If those are the real answers then you must be one very sad person to feel the need to ruin a competition like this.

      • I. Rushed.
        like I mentioned in an earlier post. Other sites have replies that are made invisible. Jeez.

    • We don’t ban people for honest mistakes, the ban rule is there for people ruining things maliciously. Don’t be too hard on him guys, we all make mistakes.

      • PEOPLE who made this site/comp

        Please make the email address in bold please! At least then during a skim people will see it better.

      • Ill leave entering competitions on here again and unfollowing this on Twitter. Never again. Thanks gor making me feel welcome AG…
        can’t say that about the others.

      • Don’t take it too hard matey, I think a lot of people jumped the gun, without seeing your response that it was a mistake. Mistakes happen, don’t let a few grumpy replies put you off, all will be forgotten tomorrow!

      • I agree AG and iucidium, don’t take the whole thing too hard on yourself. You made an honest mistake and you apologised for it. Morally as far as I’m concerned, you’ve done what you’ve needed to do. As for everyone else, I know it may haved ruined the competition, but everyone makes mistakes.

      • There’s no need, your entitled to enter the competition thus a right even…don’t let people imitate you, you know what to do the next time :)

        IMO The replies have been dreadful, I really do feel sorry for you.

    • Don’t worry about it man, we all make mistakes

    • imabho, neither ‘fuckwit’ nor ‘fuck off’ are terms that TSA community members should be using to address each other, or at least people that you don’t know very well ;)
      Funny thing is, 30 seconds on google and anyone can (and will) find out the answers to the comp questions, hence the winners will no doubt be decided by a random draw from all the correct entries.
      I commend AG2297 for attempting to spice up this comp with some really decent questions. Sadly however it might be just as well to stick with the “insert funny comment to take part in the draw”-type competitions in future. :/

  4. ohh very nice another competition, I will happily find the answers to those qwestions :)

    one other thing, SpickeyMickey don’t even think about entering because you will win and i dont want that to happen;)

  5. Could enter this, know nothing about the game at all though…

  6. Love this game tons :-) It = awesome!

  7. “UK only.” Aww…
    Nice competition though, its seriousness scares me.

  8. So whats the new comp !

    • ooooh its back on.

      so my answers are


      • You copied my answers! I want new questions now :P

  9. I’ve entered, hopefully the competition is still valid and hopefully you got my message. In addition, hopefully I win ;)

    • Same :)

      • xD

        Damn, I just noticed you mentioned I needed to include my TSA ID. I swear that wasn’t in the original post.

        Ah well, probably won’t win anyway so won’t make much of a difference.

  10. Cool. May winning streak means i must enter this. Luckily i never saw the answers above as they’d been removed by the time i read the article.

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