Metal Gear Solid HD, Zone Of The Enders HD Coming To PS Vita

Hideo Kojima has announced that both the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and the Zone of the Ender HD Collection will be getting the PS Vita treatment. Kojima also revealed that the Fox Engine is in development for the PS Vita.

In Japan, the MGS HD collection will feature Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3. Zone of the Enders HD will obviously include the first and second games in the series. Both collections are expected to launch for the Vita in 2012.

Source: Sony Press Conference



  1. That’s pretty awesome!

  2. I had a feeling MGS collection might be on Vita – awesome!

  3. I never really played Zone of the Enders, but I remember playing a demo and it being very cool. I’ll keep my eyes out for more news in the future :3

  4. Wow. The VITA line-up is fantasticly strong.

  5. The PSVita is sounding better each day :P

    Any new PS3 stuff? I just woke up :D Looked at a few other sites & nothing about any new PS3 ‘NEW’ games i.e not HD remakes etc etc
    It looks like(again)Kojima is ignoring the PS3 i.e no New PS3 Exclusives :-(
    Oh well at least he is supporting the PSVita for now until MS make a handheld(i must stop being bitter. . .) LoL

  6. These will be available for PS3 as well?
    I really hope that everything that’s released for the Vita will not be available for the PS3. If that’s going to be the case I probably won’t bother.

    • Well don’t think they will release this on the ps3. They want to sell the vita and this is one of the things to make people want the vita more, a great line-up like klart says. But you never know for sure, if they bring it out it will be later then on the vita, at least that what i would do (marketing).

  7. Pretty awesome. Any news on ZotE being remade for PS3 as well as Vita? I’d much rather play it on a standard screen, personally.

    • Yeah, the ZOE collection was originally announced for the PS3 a few months back.

      • Excellent, must have missed that – cheers.

  8. I thought he’d already confirmed this? Good news nonetheless.

    • Aye I thought the same, with the Transfarring thing.

  9. Another win for Vita!

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