Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest Dated

It’s been almost a year since the launch of PlayStation Move and with over 80 compatible titles under its belt Sony is looking to promote the motion tech even further over the Autumn.

With Sorcery supposedly absent from the 2011 line-up, Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest will be leading the motion gaming charge, Sony having  given the game a November 15th launch date.


At first glance Deadmund’s Quest may appear to look closer to a specimen of shovelware than a genuine Sony-published Autumn release, sporting playful, cartoon visuals. However, with developer Zindagi Games at the helm, despite the slightly awkward E3 live demo, we could be onto a winner.

Last year Zindagi worked on Sports Champion, a PlayStation Move launch title which impressed critics with its precise use of the new tech, solid visuals and fun gameplay.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Also it looks like the Infamous 2 DLC will be move supported!!

    • Yup, this is true and it releases on October 25th (might be for US, not sure what day that is) In time for Halloween.

  2. Move still doesnt have enough support, I can’t believe there are 80 supported games, it doesn’t feel like that many. Sorcery has been put off so many times it’s crazy!

  3. Bibidi, babadi, Buu….*poof* And no Sorcery was to be seen in 2011…

    ugh while its nice to see Move supported with 1st party, I’m sure it’ll nice to see much more and defo better effort from Third parties.

  4. Move : Biggest waste of my money…

  5. I have this on preorder I really like the look of it.

  6. I have not played as many games as I thought I would with Move, but my early purchase of Tumble made up for the expense within the first day.
    No regrets, and a positive outlook for future Move titles.

  7. The day Sorcery is released is the day I buy a Move starter kit. I don’t understand why they don’t gives us more information on that title. Surely, they must know that everyone is waiting for that game. Bundle it with a Move set and you surpass those Kinect sales without breaking a sweat. This is easy Sony, now do what I tell you!

  8. Fingers crossed

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