Play Any PS3 Game on Vita With Remote Play

According to a site we found called, you can play any PS3 game via remote play on Vita. We think. Our Japanese is non existant and initially we were sceptical, in spite of the sterling work Google Translate did for us.

However, there’s this:






  1. If this is true then it is a day one purchase. I was always tempted but will be definite if this is the case.

    • +1

    • +2 :)

    • +3 I’d buy one just so I could finish all my PS3 games, let alone the stand-alone Vita games.

    • Want 1 now

    • +4 :)

      • Fantastic news, this is the only feature that I really wanted. With the Vita having two sticks I hoped this would be possible. If the ps3 is doing all the number crunching then the Vita will act as a glorified DualShock with built in screen. Wonder if they’ll be able to map L2 and R2 to the rear touchpad…

        Congrats PSV you have just been promoted to day 1

      • That’s actually just piqued my interest. Via Wi-Fi ie totally Remote? That’d be FAB.

    • This was always possible with the original PSP, all the devs had to do was mark the property of the binary that it allowed remote play (more or less).
      Here is an example

    • +5 :-}

  2. I am very sceptical too but if it’s true then this might push the Vita into the ‘want’ category :)

    • same. Im sceptical since owning an aino for remote play reasons. Now i know i wouldnt be able to play ps3 games, but the remote play was absolutley pants

    • This is confirmed on IGN- apparently it was demonstrated on stage by President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida playing Killzone 3 with the rear pad doubling for L2 and R2.
      He went on to play LBP 2 multiplayer with him on the Vita and another guy playing the PS3, but that was more than likely Crossplay like Wipeout as opposed to remote play.

  3. For me this is AMAZING news if true, Vita just jumped from mildly interested to essential…

  4. Wow. If true that really is something special, but I’m not going to get excited until this is confirmed. Or denied.

  5. No friggin way, is that actually possible though?

    • It was possible with the PSP and a very few select titles so why not the Vita?

      • Yea true, even more exciting stuff xD

    • Consider it very much like Remote Desktop / Remote Assistance on your PC, or LogMeIn or VNC etc. – all these let you use computers remotely by sending screen/sound one way and control inputs the other. Lag is an issue and efficient screen updates are especially important for games, so it has to turn down audio fidelity, screen res/colours etc.

      • Indeed, but I think the downsize to the 5″ screen won’t mean a huge difference in noticeable quality. So long as the control lag is VERY minimal and the refresh is good then it could be a winner.

        I’ll be watching this very closely especially as I would be playing my Vita in and around the home. I would probably end up not buying any Vita titles and just using it to play my PS3 games!

  6. Very interesting. However you’ll still have to have the disc in the PS3 so you won’t have your full catalogue on tap. Very impressive nonetheless. I wonder what the delay is like – there must be some.

    Won’t really affect me much though as I’ll mostly be playing Vita at home so if I wanna play PS3 games I’ll play them on the console.

    • but what if someone else wants to watch the tv at the same time. That’s the wii U argument. And i think this looks fantastic..

  7. This would make a great bit of kit – excellent !!!

  8. I used to use remote play a fair bit to watch videos in bed. However now I’ve got an iPad I do the same on that, only with a bigger screen.
    However, if the games run with a bit less latency than on the PSP this could be pretty neat. I tried a few RPGs and it works well for turn based stuff, but trying to play Um Jammer Lammy was an exercise in futility. OnLive streaming from the US was fast!

  9. This is exactly the sort of direction remote play needed to take and it also cements the Playstation brand as a leader in the gadgetry market! The uber feature would be remote play with a PS3 controller, come on Sony you know you want to.

  10. I would imagine that the PS3 hosting the game would have to downsample the output before transmitting through the internet.

    Otherwise, I can’t see how anyone’s bandwidth would be able to cope with the bit rate of most PS3 BR games.

    I’m waiting for the list of limitations on Vita Remote play, there’s no way this will work without some constraints.

    • Maybe it will be local wifi only.

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