Gears Ice-T Character is Facebook Unlock

Like Gears of War? Like liking things on Facebook? Why not combine your two loves and like Gears of War’s Facebook page for a special gift.

Those who hit that ‘Like’ button will receive a code to unlock Aaron Griffin, voiced by Ice-T, as a character in GoW 3’s multiplayer mode. Word.

Source: Gears of War FB page



  1. Why? What’s the point? If you buy the game then you obviously like the sound of it.

    I miss the old days of the SNES when games were complete on the cartridge, unlocks were achieved through skill and/or perseverance and there was no such thing as chuffing Facebook!

    • I miss the days before Facebook. Emos were quieter.

      • Lol.

      • Emo… Rotflmfao you probably couldn’t be further from the truth.

        Either way, I detest Facebook and the entire look at me culture it has spawned. The friendface episode of IT Crowd absolutely nailed it IMO.

    • He is actually unlockable through playing the game also,doing the above just gets access to him quicker.
      As i recall the Snes did do promotional stuff to you just had to go outside for them,ie the nintendo bus and things like magazines that actually cost a bomb in the long run.

  2. What’s the cussing point? Just give people the damn skin. I wish companies would stop bloody doing this. It really, /really/ pisses me off. Might like it, then email epic and give them back the code and tell them where to shove it :P – kidding, I’m not that rude or that angry..

  3. You could always unlike it once you have the code

  4. This made me LOL. Why put Ice T, who’s fairly popular… or was, as a measly Facebook unlockable character? Seriously, why waste our time, Epic?

  5. Spend 300$(not real)in beast mode to unlock him,or join in the promotion,either ways lighten up people it’s Friday:).

  6. Oh fudge on a stick off. I am starting to get fed up with publishers doing stuff via facebook. I will not like something to unlock something that should have been in the game. I remeber EA went overboard with it for DA2.( I know Bioware developed it but i like to think that EA forced them into doing Facebook promos).

    I miss the days where the only way to unlock stuff was by playing the game.

  7. Im surprised anyone would want to play as this guy, he seems like a huge jerk.

    and i dont just mean, the mean rapper type, this guy is really a jerk.

    • Ice is a Legend, all the way back to Breakdance The Movie ;D

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