Portal For Free This Weekend

Portal is a fantastic game. Now it’s a fantastic FREE game available for download on Steam as part of Valve’s Learn With Portals initiative.

Both the PC and Mac versions are up for grabs, so there’s no excuse for anyone with a half-decent computer not to play this classic.


Grab it quick though because after 20th September you will have to pay actual money to think with portals so don’t miss out.

Source: Valve



  1. Great chance for anyone who’s not played it to see what all the fuss is about.

    • IMO it should be mandatory for steamers.. :P

  2. wish it was free on xbox too :(

    • Well, it’s part of The Orange Box collection, which includes the excellent Half-Life 2 (plus follow-up episodes 1 and 2), Team Fortress 2 as well as the excellent Portal (available at Amazon for under a tenner).

      • I’d happily pay a tenner for just HL2, let alone the episodes and TF2, it’s such a good package and so worth it..

  3. Oooh excellent! I always wanted to play the original after playing Portal 2 :) I’m guessing this will be available for free tomorrow

    • It’s free now until the 20th I believe.

  4. I’ve been desperate to get this for ages and was waiting for a price drop on Steam (as there always is eventually). Can’t believe its dropped 100% :-)

  5. nice to have this on PC *dials up Steam*

  6. Damn it.
    I bought this a couple of weeks ago. Still, it was worth every cent and much more, so I can’t really complain.
    Everybody who hasn’t bought it: GET IT. There may be no co-op, but the single player is arguably better than Portal 2. (Although not by much- they’re both awesome.)

  7. I loved Portal, it totally came out of nowhere and blew me away. The portal gun was such an original mechanic but Portal (and Portal 2) is so much more than just that. The writing and pacing are so perfect.
    I think it would be a shame to have played Portal 2 first but even then the first is still well worth going through.

  8. Erm, link is no good, can’t find it on Steam, maybe too late already?

    • Should be on stem, and search for portal and may be listed with a price, go to the game regardless and you should be able to install for free.

      • This worked for me. Thanks. Bit confusing on the site as there’s no indication it’s free :-o

    • Find it, get it, play it!

  9. This Portal speed run is insane:


  10. looks like the http://www.learnwithportals.com/ site has crashed/been hacked, it goes to a rather crap sitebuilder page.

    • OK, if you go on Steam (download it first), search for Portal it says £14.99, but if you click in and hit the top green box it will download for free. There you go!

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