What We Played #18

What We Played

Do you like your Space Orcs to come with Cock-er-ney accents? Then the game Dan spent a fair chunk of his time ploughing through will be right up your street. “Ploughing” may sound like Dan didn’t enjoy it much but this was the kind of ploughing you do with a Chainsword and a million-strong army of the aforementioned Space Orcs.

You may think that a huge genetically engineered Space Marine wearing armour that’s wider and heavier than the average American ‘small’ family car would have long since lost all hope of taking anybody by surprise. That wasn’t the case with Captain Titus the titular hero (assuming Orcish genocide qualifies him for hero status) of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine.


“What a fantastic surprise the game is”, says Dan. “Whilst it lacks the variety of the main players in the 3rd person genre, it is a hell of a blood stained blast!” He then wasted little time finding another game that would allow him to focus his pent-up rage on though this time it was a single individual, not an entire race, that he persecuted.

I’ve also been playing Star Fox 64 3D. It has aged really well, although the fact Nintendo hasn’t added an online multiplayer really irks me. It turns out that after 14 years I still hate Slippy Toad too, and often follow him around trying to shoot him out of the sky. “You’re making me mad, Fox”, yeah well, tell it to God when you see him. Pew pew pew!

[drop]For those of you who grew up after the hobby of rolling dice to see which metal miniature killed which other metal miniature had passed its peak, the stereotypical space marines you may be more familiar with are likely to look like Marcus Fenix et al.

That being the case, Tuesday probably can’t come soon enough for you. The odd lucky soul, like Peter, has been able to butcher their way through Space Orcs lambent hordes with a chainsaw bayonet-equipped lancer already. He calls Gears of War 3 “probably the best of the series”.

While retaining “all the great bits where you get to shoot huge monsters in the face with big guns” the latest episode of Marcus and Dom’s bro-mance “does more with the story and characters than the previous games”. Reluctantly dropping all the large calibre firearms he went on to experience a revered form of ritual tribal arena-based combat…

I’ve played the two big football game demos. FIFA‘s changes are a huge leap in the right direction, the new tackling and defending systems feel like they’ll finally bring the gameplay on a par with PES. The PES demo itself is slightly disappointing though. It feels like the opponents have spent all summer in defensive training and I just can’t seem to break them down. Not a bad thing for the full game, most likely, but I wanted to win my demo games by a few goals but instead I was grinding out scoreless draws.

Just in time to stop The Towers being overcome by a surging wave of testosterone as various races, teams and a universally despised toad met on the bloody field of combat we find Toby, still case solving his way through L.A. Noire. He’s determined to finish it before leaping almost one hundred years into the gold-lit transhumanist dystopia of Deus Ex to do some more case solving and doorbell re-wiring.

Picking his way selectively through a varied smörgåsbord of gaming treats is our recently repatriated Tuffcub. His jet-lag having “been platinumed” he’s been playing Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, interspersed with the curious mix of Flying Hamster, Killzone 3, Plants Vs Zombies “which is becoming very boring” and the demo of From Dust.

[drop2]Kris has mostly been racing. Either finger-painting his way around the track with the “super addictive and very fun” DrawRace 2 on his iPhone or tearing up the fictional American tarmac in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. All that racing seems to be acting as a welcome diversion from the trials and tribulations of playing through The Baconing for review, which is “getting a little bit tedious.”

Time constraints have restricted my recent gaming to a little bit of multiplayer Civilization 5 and some A- and B-Spec Gran Turismo 5 with some online shuffle racing thrown in for good measure. I’ve not even had time to break open my copy of Star Fox so I’ll leave it to Jim to finish up as he was feeling wordy…

I started this week with a generous helping of Techland’s Dead Island. I’m a huge fan of zombie films, and after watching that iconic trailer a few more times leading up to Dead Island’s launch I decided to pick up a copy, turning down Insomniac’s supposedly better Resistance 3. I had been playing for a fair few hours until I ran into a nasty bug that has stopped me from playing since. With my save data in a mess, and story-related trophies refusing to unlock, I’m going to have to wait for a recovery patch before curb stomping another zombified holidaymaker.

Apart from DI it’s been a fairly quiet week having to balance college and part-time employment, though I made sure I had enough time to play and review Tecmo KOEI’s Champion Jockey. After getting my head around the myriad of control options and mechanics enjoyed it for a time, but the lack of an engaging gameplay model and the endlessly repetitive story mode started to put me off.

I also spent around an hour playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Ratchet Clank: All 4 One. I can already tell that it’s not really my cup of tea, but the blend of co-op gameplay with the Ratchet universe will surely haul in a number of avid supporters.

What tickled your gaming fancy this week?



  1. Bit of a mix again for me this week. Got my platinum trophy on Tomb Raider Underworld and have made a start on mopping up some TR Anniversary trophies. Managed to squeeze a few rounds of Killzone3 in there as always and tried out the FIFA and Renegade Ops demos last night (RO is a lot of fun!)
    Planning on renting a copy of Resistance 3 with a mate this weekend and storming through what is supposed to be an awesome campaign mode :D

    • Glad RO is fun, looking forward to this as a replacement to Dead Nation, as I’ve nearly Platinum’d that. R3 is great, the review comments about the guns “making the game” are spot on. Saw your comment yesterday, you should defo give Dead Island a try before trading it in, although might be worth waiting for the patch(es)!

      • It was one of the few demos where I really didn’t want it to end lol. Mindless action and explosives always makes for a good arcade title ;)
        Yeah I keep thinking about giving it a try, though I will probably play completely offline until its patched so I don’t have my saves screwed up. How such a major thing made it through testing I’ll never know.. :(

      • Well I suspect they knew, but thought they’d release it anyway and patch it retrospectively. If they delayed the release they could have been competing with Fifa/PES, then Battlefield 3 next month, and then into the November hoard of releases!

      • The sad thing is you’re probably right lol. I miss the days where developers had to make sure their game was finished before shipping it.

  2. BTW – this is probably my favourite feature and I loved the Mary Poppins joke. :)

    I’ve been trying to get my last Limbo trophy for 100% (“Complete the game in one sitting without dying more than 5 times”). No doubt this will be my response to this feature for many weeks to come. Until it is done, I will not return to chapter 16 of Resistance 3 (on Difficult mode).

    I played some Dead Island although it is now on the back-burner until sufficient patching is done. Had a right laugh 4-player with this, found myself laughing out loud on several occasions. This would be amazing if the problems were ironed out. (I would also like a “party leader” option so someone can take control of the quests, as some people don’t have mics).

    I also plan to have a burn on Renegade Ops over the weekend!

    • Good luck with the Limbo trophy. I managed to 200/200 it on the 360 eventually but it took several goes lol

      • Thanks…can’t be any worse than DS2 Hardcore! I don’t wish to spoil your 200/200 but did you know there is an extra Egg to get 111% completion if you play it through without dying a single time? I think it drops down before you get to his sister

      • I’ve heard about that extra egg but couldn’t work out how you get it. Think that’s a ps3 exclusive thing though :)

      • I think the extra PS3 thing is the DING! trophy – for that you need all other Eggs and then you go to where you get the “Alone in the Dark” trophy, and you can keep walking into a new area where you have to complete many sections in complete darkness – it’s awesome!

        I think the Xbox version has twice as many Eggs. And if you complete it without dying, another Egg falls just before you reach your sister – saw it on YouTube. Glad that’s not in the PS3 version, 5 deaths is hard enough!!

      • “Glad that’s not in the PS3 version, 5 deaths is hard enough!!” lol you would be suprised. I remember when I finally managed it I had wasted 3 of my lives just after the spider bit early on! (I play better under pressure it seems…lol)

      • Yeah, I keep finding the jump after you’re cocooned annoying. Then it’s the Saw blades and “H” jumps. :(

  3. HL2 episode 2, Bastion (that would be great if it came to PSN) both on Steam. Still enjoying Dirt 3, but the “post it on yootoob (its f*cking YouTube!)” is starting to grate. Bored my wife silly by running the same game on PC and PS3 simultaneously through the TV and flicking between inputs to show the difference, they just don’t understand do they.

    • Lol – that is the sort of geekish thing that I do. It’s usually greeted with some smart-arse response, and that I “play childrens games”. Last week I was using picture-in-picture to run my 2 PS3s on the same TV.

  4. Mary Poppins? Has Greg been at the funny smelling cookies again?

    • Can’t help it, whenever I hear the Orks* say “Space Marines!” in the game I can’t help thinking of Dick van Dyke’s ‘Mock-ney” accent.

      *Yes, I got it wrong in the post and spelt if “Orcs”.

  5. Spent most of this week trying to get hold of Dead Island, but its like rocking horse poo round my way.
    Little bit of San Andreas, Got totally stuck on ‘Insanely twisty spaceship thingy’ and gave up. Played a few Demos, thats about it.

    Might grab GOW collection 2 over the weekend whilst I hold out for Gears on tues :)

  6. Bodycount……. kill me now. (determined to finish it though)

    • Well surely that 2 day gold pass should make it up for Bodycount plus do it for the staff who recently have either lost their jobs or got repositioned in other departments in Codies

  7. Been playing Gears 1 and 2 to catch up the story and currently playing Gears 2 multiplayer to get used to the controls and to be prepared for the Monday Midnight Madness!

  8. Football Manager 2011, Civilization 5 and Eve on the PC, Kairosoft’s Grand Prix Story on iOS. If I didn’t have to go to work, I’d probably never have seen daylight this week!

  9. Deus Ex: HR has still supplied the bulk of my game time, though I did play some more infamous, and lost about 3 hours to a Civ 4 game.

    I really wish Civ 4 gave you the option of starting in a random location in the ‘Ice Age’ scenario, or had random maps. I want to play 20 000 years of game (in marathon speed) with the next war mod on, that would surely lead to awesome.

  10. Looking forward to mowing down some space ork.

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