El Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron Winners

So our lovely El Shaddai competition has come to an end and random.org has picked us some winners. Without further ado, the winners are:

  • Origami Killer
  • Doomsday619
  • Cam The Man
  • Tanzil

Congratulations to you guys and you should all have an email in your inbox (make sure you check your junk mail too just incase it found it’s way in there).

Remember to check back next week where we will be keeping up with the current formula of competitions by giving away another 5 copies of a game, one that is rather popular here on TSA.



  1. Congrats guys! I guess I’ll have to go buy this now instead :D

    I bloody knew it wasn’t Christianity as soon as I sent my email off, should’ve paid more attention in RE at school…

    • I thought question 1 was a bit of a trick question, the game is based on the Old Testament, which is a book featuring in both Christianity and Judaism.

  2. Oh yeah !
    It’s been a lucky-lucky week for me on TSA :) I have an ear to ear grin :D

    • Again , who you paying off!

      • Won Raptr comp as well, was gunning for those er…Gunnar glasses though. I need all the help I can get on COD :D

  3. Thanks TSA, also a subtle thank you to Icidium for the correct answers XD

    • Dammit!

      Yeah, he really should’ve got a copy lol.

      Though it was lucidium, though.

      • Random.org thinks otherwise :L may have been

  4. Yet another competition entry with no win for me :-(

    So, next week is going to be 5 copies of F1 is it? I’ll have to have a crack at that one, though I probably have a 1% chance of winning if previous results are anything to go by.

    • It’s been heavily hinted at being F1 but not confirmed officially

  5. congrats to the winners. It is nice to see that Spikemikey didn’t win for once! :D More regulars are starting to win. I wonder if i will win the next comp or two. :) I am overdue to win something that is gaming related. :)

    • didnt you win something win Raptr?

    • Steven, I resent that comment. Your acting like I win everything on TSA. In over 2 years I have won Dirt 3, by guessing correct, and Bodycount by using the power of welsh. :P
      And in regards to twitter, if you don’t enter, you don’t win so ner!

      • haha we love a bit of banter

  6. Congrats winners! Random.org though eh? .. Who would’ve guessed.. ;)

  7. Great job guys and I hope you all enjoy the game.

    You would have to have 3 awesome game giveaways as soon as I leave the country and become ineligible. ;) No no, the competitions are brilliant and it’s been interesting seeing the prizes get bigger as the site has grown. Keep it up TSA. :)

    • AG2297 held them back until we knew you’d stepped onto the plane. ;)

    • Make that 4 there’s 1 more coming this week.

  8. Well done, I love how i checked if i won when i didn’t even enter.. lol. Looking forward to what i assume is F1 next week..?

  9. Forgot to send the email. Found the answers and saved them aswell.

  10. I won one! Got the email, just pretending to act surprised. well happy

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