In-Game Footage Leaked From Cancelled Avengers Title

Last month we reported that THQ Brisbane had been working on an Avengers video game before the studio was shut down. Those lucky enough were able to get a glimpse of some test footage, including character renders and animations before Marvel removed the YouTube video.

We thought that would be the last we heard from the cancelled project, but fresh leaked footage has managed to find its way onto the web, depicting actual gameplay from an early build of the game.

Update: THQ has already removed the leaked in-game footage from YouTube. We will try and find another source, but for now you can still catch the video over at Kotaku.


This is something we weren’t expecting. Given THQ Studio Australia’s track record (consisting mainly of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Nicktoon titles) and the shameful cash-in conventions of tie-in video games, we were expecting a top-down button masher with very little substance, not a complex first person shooter/RPG hybrid akin to Borderlands or the more recent Dead Island.



  1. I thought that actually looked like it could’ve been pretty good.

    Oh, and on a side note Jim, that’s not an FPS.

  2. That piece of video looks amazing. Such a shame it got pulled. Looked like it had been pulled right off a comic book page. Yeah, its in first person, but going by the vid the characters in mutliplayer mode looked well done and styled well.

  3. Christ, that looked really interesting!!

    • It’s amazing how the idiots at these studios shut out the actual good games and greenlight the crappy games, at least in the superhero genre. Imbeciles.

  4. That’s such a shame a that looks brilliant! :( First person Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America!

  5. I’m glad the footage has been leaked, if I had worked my ass off on a project llke that, just to see it binned, I would want people to see what I had been working on.

    • Me too, I actually think it looks pretty awesome as well..

      • totally agree I like the look of it as well.

  6. Holy Christ Bananas!!
    It looked really good! Especially the Captain America – Mirrors Edge free running ledge grabby bit :D

  7. Damn, too late.

    You guys are making me feel worse by making it sound awesome!

    • If you mean you haven’t watched it go to the link to Kotaku ;)

  8. That looked really good…..really, really good. Hope it’s picked up soon because I want to play it !

  9. Oh what a shame, would’ve been nice.

  10. What a shame. Looks a million times better than I thought it was going to. Hope it gets picked up.

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