PS Vita Confirmed Region Free

Does it get more official than a confirmation from Shuhei Yoshida, Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios?  Probably not.  Which is why his Tweet yesterday locking down the PS Vita as being region free makes this particular author at least very excited indeed.  Especially as the 3DS isn’t, for reasons only Nintendo know.

I bought my first PSP from Japan, importing it over the net, and I’m hopefully going to do the same with Vita as I know someone out in Japan who’s been kind enough to put down a pre-order.

Until then, let us know if you’re planning to import one, or are preferring to wait for the European/American releases at some point next year.  If you are importing, let me know which games – I could do with a few suggestions from the list.  I’m looking at Uncharted, Ridge Racer, Little Deviants and Everybody’s Golf.


  1. Not surprising, but still good news.

  2. I will probably wait until the European release. I’m extremely tempted to import one, though I fear some of the features may not be fully functional. Also I’m thinking it’s unlikely that there will be options for English audio.

    • That’s my concern, I’d rather wait for the European release.

    • also, isn’t the warranty void if you import? Might not be the same with Vita, but i heard it was with the PS3.. Quite a lot of money if it then breaks..


    The PS Vita keeps looking better, while the 3DS keeps looking worse. I really look forward to it’s release, although i’m not the kind of person that imports; id rather wait for a European release.

    For games, i’d probably choose Uncharted and Ridge Racer. Little Deviants looks interesting, but mini-game compilations never work out well, only in very, VERY rare circumstances.

  4. Good news naturally and I’ll probably look at getting one next summer. Things might be different upon it’s US release but at the moment it’d be nothing but a luxury.

    For one reason there’s nothing in that list I’m interested in strongly enough to buy one for and for another, there’s enough good looking games coming out on PS3 to last me easily until that time.

  5. The problem with importing is you have no local warranty. If you had a problem you’d have to ship it back to a friend in the original country to do the warranty claim for you. This by itself makes it not worth it IMO.

  6. i’ll wait for the EU release and even then I’ll have to ponder. It’s like buying a second ps3 (price wise) :p

  7. I have a Japanese PSP and the bloody swapping of x and o for cancel and select confuses me to no end every time I use it! I’ll be waiting for an EU release, mainly because I don’t know anyone who lives out there, and I’m hoping it releases just before my birthday!

    • Yeah, why were those 2 buttons swapped around? Is ‘X’ always a negative in Japanese culture or something?…

      • Actually I think X is more negative in our culture and Japan got it right the first time. Not sure why we swapped it around that CROSS meant yes?

  8. I’ll wait for an eu release, and I’ll likely try to get a hold of one from the UK as that would save me some money. Not yet sure how that would affect insurance, but it can’t be much worse than the support I’m expecting from the local stores. The wealth of ps3 games coming out should keep me occupied until then.

  9. Sony really are on the ball with the Vita. Nintendo however. Phfff.

  10. Well, I was expecting this but it’s nice for a confirmation.

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