TGS 2011 Breaks Own Attendance Record

A total of 222,668 visitors attended this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The visitor numbers are up approximately 15000 from last year, which saw 207, 647 attendants, and almost up 38000 from 2009’s attendance record, which was 185,030.

Tokyo Game Show 2011 gave us some more insight into what’s in store for gamers, including the announcement that the PS Vita will have Remote Play functionality, while Nintendo used a Pre TGS conference to announce a Circle Pad attachment for the 3DS.


Tokyo Game Show will return next year from the 20th to 23rd September.

Source: CVG/ Anime News Network



  1. Exceptional in my view.

  2. Glad to hear it.

  3. I’ll go there one day…

    • Would be quite an experience.

  4. Wish I was here…….

  5. Japan is a little out of the way considering I can’t even get to London for Eurogamer :(

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