Crytek Making Homefront 2

THQ have just let us know that the next game in the Homefront franchise (it’s now a franchise?) will be developed by Crytek.

[drop2]”Selecting Crytek to take Homefront forward underscores our strategy of working with the industry’s best talent,” said Danny Bilson, EVP Core Games, THQ.

“Homefront’s unique setting and storyline captivated gamers the world over. With Crytek’s industry leading technology and legendary experience in the FPS genre, we’re supremely confident that the next Homefront will deliver that AAA-quality experience that players demand.”

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli is equally bouyant. “We see Homefront as a really strong universe that has a lot of potential and that has been expertly created and marketed by THQ,” he said. “We believe that bringing our level of quality, creativity and production values to the next Homefront title, creates an opportunity for both THQ and Crytek to deliver a truly blockbuster game.”

“It’s really important to us that THQ has the faith in giving us a lot of creative freedom over one of its most important properties to allow us to bring the Homefront world to life in a new and innovative way.”

The next Homefront will be released in THQ’s 2014 fiscal year. Presumably on the next generation of consoles.  The first game scored 8/10 here on TSA.


  1. Well, best of luck to ’em. Personally, I thought Homefront was a dire game wrapped in a superb setting – if Crytek can make Homefront 2 enjoyable beyond the intro sequence, then they’d have surpassed the standard set by the original.

    • That was my thought after trailers, reviews, videos etc, glad i didn’t buy. Shame as the premise was so good, I thought anyway.
      Bit mean they ditched the studio that made the first though..

      • Yeah, I loved the idea of it, put me in mind of Freedom Fighters (which totally deserves a sequel), albeit with a united Korea the aggressor in place of the Russians. Homefront had a great setting, and the in-game newspapers that fleshed out the world and the history of how it ended up in such a state added real depth to it.

        The trouble was the game that was attached to it was outdated and outclassed by its competitors, it was a substandard Modern Warfare clone. Like Gameloft’s Modern Combat, only not cleverly priced to acknowledge the fact it’s a MW knockoff ;)

  2. I got Homefront and traded it in after less than a week. It was a great idea but the gameplay was poor and the story non-existent. If they can fix that – which I think Crytek can, I might consider it.

  3. I have ummed & ahhh’d over getting the first one a few times, but it’s never grabed me enough to think “yes, i will purchase this!”.

    Honest opinion folks – Under-rated gem, or a wet trout?

    • Multiplayer is well balanced and great fun but too many Snipers. But only when it’s working. PS3 has had chronic problems online.
      Campaign has a great story but sometimes the change of pass leaves it either stagnating or over-run and I found it easy to get lost.
      Overall, worth playing. Some good memorable story moments and multiplayer is excellent when running well.

      • I played the multiplayer demo, thought there were too many snipers – joined in. Had a lot of fun sniping the few people that were resisting lying on the floor in a bush with a scope. Didn’t make me want to buy it enough though..

    • I was personally disappointed with the campaign, way too short to show off what is a superb setting. The mechanics certainly weren’t as tight as say Killzone or Battlefield. I’d wait to see how the Crytek one shapes up and avoid the original.

  4. Kill Kaos get Crytek on board

    Lovely plan THQ… >_>

  5. I played it and loved it, perhaps because I didn’t expect more from it than “a quick action fix”.

    Glad to hear that a sequel is coming up.

  6. Gonna pick it up for a tenner later this week.

  7. BOOM! Made my day!

  8. Heard of all the huge problems online and thought to leave it alone, and I am glad I did. Hopefully these chaps can make something that works, and looks pretty.

  9. I don’t like Homefront and I don’t rate Crytek … not for me this one.

  10. Not something I’d have expected.

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